Andover Cemetery Trustees

Spring Clean-up is beginning around the first of May.

Press release

Spring is definitely arriving and no more snow, but I say that quietly! Hopefully, you have noticed that the two big cemeteries are now open. Spring clean-up is beginning around the first of May. It takes several weeks to prepare all our cemeteries, but they will be ready for Memorial Day. 

Please remember that if there are off-season artificial items on grave sites they will be removed. Planting of flowers is only permitted around the base of the monument. Artificial decorations must be placed in a container. Memorabilia placed on a lot that impedes mowing will be removed.
The Trustees have worked in the past with the American Legion to place new flags on every Andover Veteran’s grave prior to Memorial Day. This can be time consuming and requires a number of people to assist. Last year there was a total of three people who placed flags in the two cemeteries and one gentleman who worked in our older, smaller cemeteries. Our wonderful American Legion group is shrinking, and like all of us is aging. 

The Cemetery Trustees are coordinating an event to encourage community participation. American Flags will be placed on graves at the two active cemeteries on Saturday, May 18. We will start in the morning at Proctor Cemetery at 9 AM and then meet in the afternoon at 1 PM at Lakeview. Kids are welcome to help. Typically, we can do each cemetery in about one to two hours, if we have enough people. 

Please come on out and give us a hand as we honor our veterans. If you have questions please email Cheri Swenson at The Cemetery Trustees hope you will join them. Thank you.