Conservation Commission Minutes, April 16, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Jerry Hersey, Tina Cotton, Mary Anne Broshek, guest, Frank Baker

Approve March Minutes

The March minutes were approved as amended. Mary Anne will revise and send to members and Beacon.

Treasurer’s Report

Tina advises that all accounts will be turned over to the Town Treasurer, Shirley Currier. The New Hampshire Association of State Conservation Commissions dues have been paid.

Progress Updates

Web site – will be provided next month

Information relative to 4H camp request. Members decided that they wanted to learn more and not fund a camper this year. We will revisit next year.

May clean up – Blue bags will be at Town Hall and Transfer Station.

Master plan narrative- a disk of the narrative and appendices has been received. Tina will e-mail the narrative to CC members.

Notes from ASLPT Meeting

State legislation – Beth McQuinn reviewed State legislation in progress. Mary Anne will send out a current summary of state legislation that impacts natural resources.

Town meeting results- each of the towns CC chairs discussed what happened at their respective Town Meetings. These ranged from rejecting a prime wetlands designation to approving $82,000 to purchase a conservation easement.

Wildlife Planning

A list of events planned so far was handed out.

Additional events/activities discussed:

Bird watching event with Proctor instructor was suggested

Frank will look into two potential workshops:

• Karner blue butterflies

• Fish Hatchery/fly fishing demo – will see if Andover Fish and Game has an interest in working together on this.

Jerry noted that the Concord Monitor had an article on the impact of climate change on moose – moose numbers have plummeted about 40% from more than 7,500 to about 4,500 today.