Bachelder Library New Acquisitions

Press release

The Familiar, Leigh Bardugo
I Cheerfully Refuse, Leif Enger
The Goodbye Coast, Joe Ide
The Frozen River, Ariel Lawhon
Indian Burial Ground, Nick Medina
Held, Anne Michaels
Twilight Territory, Andrew X. Pham
The Truth About the Devlins, Lisa Scottoline
Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish, Tori Whitaker

Legacy, Uche Blackstone, MD
The Thefts of the Mona Lisa, Noah Charney
American Sign Language Dictionary, Martin L.A. Sternberg

Children’s Fiction and Nonfiction
Exclusion and the Chinese American Story, Sarah-Soonling Blackburn
The Eyes and the Impossible, Dave Eggers
The Reappearance of Rachel Price, Holly Jackson
Keeping Pace, Laurie Morrison
The Misfits: A Royal Conundrum, Lisa Yee