Board of Selectmen Minutes, March 18, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

The meeting was opened at 6:09 PM by Chairperson Mishcon.

Those present: Selectmen Mishcon, Danforth, Coolidge, Town Administrator Roy.

Newly elected Selectman Duncan Coolidge was introduced and welcomed to the Board. Selectman Danforth nominated Selectman Mishcon as chair of the Board for the 2013-2014 year. Coolidge seconded the nomination. Mishcon accepted. The Town Administrator called for the vote. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

Road Agent Report

Jon Champagne has ordered replacement street signs for missing signs. Signs will be installed higher up on utility poles where possible. It is hoped that this will cut down on the theft of the signs, which is a big expense.

Three quarter inch stone has been added to the muddy roads: Currier, chase Hill, Bridge, Elkins Hill, Fox Farm and Mountain Roads. Jon will submit a work order for this work and will categorize it as “Spring Mud.”

Jon reported that demolition costs for the Hart Property, tax deeded, across from Dodge Lane on Franklin Highway, will be $1,130.00 if done by the Town.

The Town Administrator reported that a resident had inquired as to whether or not a driveway permit had recently been issued for 36 Pinewood Lane. The driveway in question is actually the original driveway for that property. It had been closed and another installed. At the time of the closure, there was concern as to whether drainage from the road would affect the property. The Road Agent will investigate but stated that he did not believe a permit is necessary as this is the original driveway for that property.

The Road Agent requested a work session with the Selectmen to review all unsigned work orders. A work session was scheduled for March 21, 2013 at 12:00PM at the Town Office.

Lenny Caron attended the meeting to request reopening of his gravel pit on Bridge Road to sell gravel to the Town of Wilmot. He stated that he needs to sell the gravel to pay past-due property taxes. TA Roy reported that she had spoken with Mary Pinkham Langer, Excavation Appraiser for the Property Appraisal Division of the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration. Pinkham Langer stated that a pit agreement, executed by the owner and the unit of government (Wilmot) must be filed. Local Zoning regulations apply. If “excavation” for is not clearly stated in the zoning ordinance, the owner must apply for Special Exception. EPA permits may be required since the Blackwater River is now classified a Class A river. Road bonding must be in place before any excavation begins. The owner is subject to pay all excavation tax as billed by the Town of Andover upon receipt of the Report of Excavated Materials.

There was lengthy discussion regarding the means of transport from the gravel pit. Caron would like to use the Keniston Covered Bridge to access Route 11. This bridge is posted as a six ton bridge. Department of Transportation inspections of the bridge state that the bridge construction in poor. The Town is concerned that repetitive heavy traffic over the bridge will be detrimental. Caron is estimating 84 trips per year. The bridge is the only means of access and egress for the residents of Bridge Road. The Road Agent stated that the bridge is in fairly good shape and he recommends maintenance as opposed to repair. The bridge is not the only point of access and egress for the gravel pit; the owner could obtain permission from Proctor Academy to use their road to Lawrence Street; the State of New Hampshire could be contacted for use of the railroad trestle.

Selectman Mishcon suggested twenty-five trips over each route. How would this be enforced?

The Board of Selectmen is concerned about protecting the Town’s roads and bridges and also about helping people operate their businesses.

Selectman Danforth recommended that Caron meet with the Planning Board immediately so as not to prolong the process.

Police Department

The Department answered 177 calls from February 15 to March 15. There are eight upcoming trials in April. This does not include arraignments.

Chief Laramie will apply for the Rail Trail Grant again this year. The Chief has submitted the grant application for the Highway Safety Committee to fund radar speed signs at either end of the village.

Selectman Danforth reported there will be a grant available for 2014 for signage for bicyclists.

The State has asked the Town to take over the street light on Rte. 11 near the Potter Place Park and Ride. Chief Laramie felt that the light is necessary, as the Fire Chief and the Board of Selectmen.

Chief Laramie reported that the Ford Interceptor vehicles won the bid for cruisers this year. The Department has decided that the Interceptor sedans are not practical as they are very low to the ground and other municipalities have already encountered issues with damage. The Interceptor utility vehicles are more practical and the Department would like to order this model. The quote is $26,084.88. The Chief asked the Board’s permission to use the Police Revolving Fund to cover the difference between the quote and the budgeted amount of $25,000 as well as the cost of the build out for the cruiser.

Selectman Danforth moved to purchase the Ford Interceptor utility vehicle and use the Police Revolving Fund to cover the difference between the price of the cruiser and the $25,000 in the Police Cruiser Capital Reserve Fund and for the build out of the cruiser. Selectman Coolidge seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

The Department will keep the 2005 cruiser to use for police details which generate revenue.

Recreation Committee

Tom Frantz and Alan Hanscom, chair and treasurer of the Recreation Committee respectively came to the Board of Selectmen along with Pat Frost and Justin Carey who will oversee the completion of the building at Blackwater Park. The Committee asked for procedural guidelines for obtaining and paying for materials for the new building. The Selectmen advised them to obtain the best pricing and contact the town administrator or the bookkeeper/accountant about obtaining a line of credit with that source. The usual accounts payable process will be utilized (see attached).

Any sub-contractors that work on the building will need to provide Certificates of Insurance through the Town Administrator’s office.


At the request of Selectman Danforth, Jon Warzocha came in for an informal discussion about bridge inspections, engineering opinions. Jon is a civil engineer and recommended that the Town contact a structural engineer. He recommended Bruce Stuart of Stuart Structural Engineering. He said that a written, certified opinion regarding Last Street and Hall Road bridges would provide information for the Selectmen to use in decision making. This could probably be done for $1,500-$3,000. The caveat is that once the problems are identified they must be dealt with. Selectman Mishcon stated that the first thing to do is meet with Department of Transportation representative(s) to get an explanation of the bridge inspection reports that we have received which seem to be inconsistent and in conflict with local inspection. Selectman Danforth stated that having a structural engineer’s opinion first would allow the Selectmen to ask better questions at the DOT meeting. Selectman Danforth also said the DOT will have plans and files to use at the meeting. Thank you to Jon Warzocha for taking the time to meet with the Board of Selectmen.

Property Maintenance Bids

The maintenance contract for Blackwater Park will be sent to the Recreation Committee. This contract should include the sprinkler system and other necessities for the playing fields. As far as cemetery maintenance bids and bids for property maintenance at Chaffee Park and the town office, the Board of Selectmen require more information before making any decisions regarding contracts. Selectman Mishcon will call Jane Slayton for details about the sprinkler system(s) and the pump from the Blackwater River.

The Board will request that the Road Agent make basic improvements to the parking lot at the Town beach.

Road Surface Management System

The DOT Funding Map has been received and will be given to Arch Weathers who has previously volunteered to do the Road Surface Management System update. Selectman Danforth requested that red delineator posts be installed at the ends of roads once they are measured.

The Selectmen will serve as ex-officio members of committees as follows:

  • Proctor Liaison Committee: Mishcon
  • Budget Committee: Danforth
  • Planning Board: Coolidge


Abatement requests for inventory penalties incorrectly assessed were signed by the Board.

An abatement request for abatement of interest for a 2009 Land Use Change Tax was denied.