Board of Selectmen Minutes, April 15, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Meeting opened at 6 PM by Chairperson Mishcon.

Present: Danforth, Coolidge, Mishcon, Roy, Champagne, Don Gross, Chris Norris, Arch Weathers, Reggie Roy

The Board signed the Tax Anticipation Note.

Road Agent Report

Today the crew cleaned up Maple Street ditches. The ice on the roads last Friday required sand.

Jon just received a “slew” of road signs. He has placed a sweeper on reserve at EW Sleeper. This will be the last year they will rent sweepers, so Andover will have to make alternative plans for 2014.

Jon said we also need to plan for tree work. He will get quotes from tree companies for a day or a week out of the season.

Screening and crushing at Transfer Station is going well. Stock piles are growing.

Jon will coordinate with the Andover Fire Department to have them rinse our bridges down to prepare for preservative spray.

Jon has also received three unrequested bids for bridge repairs on Kearsarge Mountain Road, Hall Road, and Last Street. “Bean” out of Sanbornton is looking at red-listed bridges and contacting towns with quotes.

Projection for next meeting: crushing will be complete, sweeping will be done or underway, as will routine spring grading.

Single Stream Recycling Pilot Program

Mishcon reviewed: The current trash trailer will be used for recyclables. If C&D and metal containers are moved in closer to the main operations of the Transfer Station, thought needs to be given to the ability to back up and dump into the containers.

The single stream recycling pilot program needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

Reggie Roy stated that he understands trying to condense the site, but the C&D and metal bins need to be visible to Transfer Station operators.

The focus needs to be on recycling: The pilot program can be one or two years. Equipment can be purchased or leased. Power needs to be brought to the area where compactors will be installed. A lease-purchase option would be ideal and could be expanded.

Mishcon said she is not sure about pouring cement walls etc. at this point.

Danforth said a slab will be necessary so that oil leakage (if any) will not enter the ground.

Mishcon: Can’t we do non-compacted recyclables?

Roy said the Transfer Station operators bale cardboard every time the Transfer Station is open.

Danforth stated that shipping costs will be considerably more.

Mishcon said buying a compactor will be a huge expense.

Danforth said Concord has signed a contract with Casella effective 2014.

Gross: The Town isn’t looking to be involved with landfills so went to the Co-op. There is no simple answer.

Mishcon stated there will be a meeting Wednesday evening with the Co-op regarding extending the contract with Wheelabrator to 2022. She and our representative, Mark Stetson, will attend the meeting.

Gross: Stated the whole concept is to get rid of the trailer. Currently it might be tradable for dumpsters. It costs money all the time. It is currently out for a brake job. If you look at getting rid of the trailer and going to containers, it is more practical. Two containers can be moved in one trip.

Mishcon said that the compactor situation seems complicated when containers can be used.

The Pilot Program we talked about is not necessarily the whole thing. The Town as a whole wanted to go to Single Stream. How many containers would be filled each week and how much trucking is involved?

Danforth said the driver is that the bailers are dying and are too expensive to replace.

Gross said that one of the benefits of Single Stream is that it tends to make people participate in recycling because it easier for the consumer.

Coolidge stated that Single Stream is probably the least expensive way to deal with recycling.

Gross said that things that we don’t currently recycle will be recycled in Single Stream.

It was agreed that we will move forward to semi-permanent set-up. Where is the best place for the two single stream containers?

Eventually two compactors for trash and two for recycling will be necessary.

If you can fill one container with recyclables and can move over to a second container in the middle of the day it is practical.

The Road Agent could push the fire pits back and make room for traffic.

An empty dumpster would be the optimal place for recycling. That allows space between the two operations and one way traffic.

Cans are cheaper, and you can diversify afterwards.

It was determined that Single Stream will begin with two containers and two compactors.

Roy stated that if you have two new compactors, there needs to be an operator nearby.

There was discussion about housing the containers. It was decided there should be a roof over the containers/compactors. Can build “dog house” for an operator.

Need to consider commercial haulers, i.e. PA, Herbie Barton etc.

Gross: We have had problems with some of these companies, and that’s why they are no longer here. We have had a tremendous amount of cooperation from a local vendor, who is very helpful and realizes the final project will go out to bid. You are not going to get that kind of cooperation/service from a big company. The Board of Selectmen is not obliged to take the lowest bid; they are to take the bid that is best for the Town.

Next steps: Get Dumpster Depot out to site. Bring in enough power for four compactors. Power should be overhead, not underground. Overhead is NHEC responsibility. Underground is Town’s responsibility. Figure out where pad will go, get power in, then work on third and fourth compactors. Is there another option instead of the very expensive concrete walls? Danforth stated that sheet piling (with metal sheeting) would definitely be an option.

Before meeting with Dumpster Depot the Board needs to discuss goals for the Transfer Station.

Recycling New Hampshire Web site details five transfer station designs.

Neighboring towns coming in to a town’s transfer station reduces the appropriation for the transfer station town. Could an arrangement be made with Wilmot? Would an arrangement be permitted by the Co-op since Wilmot is not a member town?

Highway Committee

Don Gross is chairperson of our Highway Committee, which is getting underway. Arch Weathers and Chris Norris are working on Road Surface Management System (RSMS), which is a computerized road surface management program.

Weathers: While updating the RSMS, the Department of Transportation required map can be completed as required. What information will be needed to complete the Department of Transportation Block Grant?

Measurement from the previous end of road/street to its new end is the official Department of Transportation map.

Weathers is a little concerned about the “politics” of this situation. Discrepancies must be reported to the Board of Selectmen and mailings have to go out to abutters before a public hearing is held. Weathers would like to check with Jon Champagne about discrepancies before doing anything else.

Norris confirmed that he and Weathers will be verifying the map for accuracy and evaluating the condition of the roads.

The Budget Committee has requested a ten-year plan in order to look at bonding and/or road projects. A deferred maintenance list will provide an objective list of the needs of every road in town and gives you a starting point for projects.

Weathers: The documentation we will provide is crucial to providing financial information and planning. The big benefit is that we have a database that can be used for years to come. There are a number of software packages written to be used by municipalities for planning highway work. The average software cost is approximately $150.

Mishcon made a motion to purchase software up to $500, Coolidge seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

Gross reminded the Board of Selectmen that there had been discussion about installing a refrigerator in the Food Pantry and the Board and Town Administrator had agreed that it was not a good idea. The Food Pantry agreement was there would be no refrigerators or freezers.


John Kinney provided the Emergency Medical Services snapshot for the previous month. The annual EMS Conference will be held in Sunapee at the end of May. There are substantial changes in protocol coming. Continuing education is big part of spring meeting(s). A round table is held after the meetings, and very valuable, real-life information is discussed.

Police Department

The Board viewed the new cruiser, a 2013 Ford Explorer. The new cruiser will be driven by the patrolmen. They have never had the new cruiser. They received no salary increase, so the Chief decided to designate the cruiser for their use.

Chief Laramie provided the statistics for the previous month. The department handled 277 calls. This is 100 more calls than last month. There were two burglaries (one has been solved); in the other case evidence was sent to State Lab. There were three accidents. There were four attempted suicides this month, which is very alarming.

Town Office Security

Upstairs: The half-door needs to be solid with window, similar to the newly installed set-up in the Town Clerk’s office. The desk facing the door is a good security measure.

The deputy Town Clerk should be facing the service window.

All doors should automatically lock.

The Town Clerk’s door should be a buzz-in system (sometime in near future).

The panic buttons transmit to our police department and to Franklin dispatch.

Ultimately, the Chief would like to be able to monitor through cameras at Police Department; Board meetings, the Town Clerk’s and the Town Administrator’s offices.

Panic buttons will be tested monthly.

The Chief will contact Capitol Alarms for more detailed ideas.

Danforth asked the Chief to send a letter to DOT for extra money for enforcement for Cilleyville Road, which is being used as (unofficial) detour while Route 11 bridge is being reconstructed.

Tax Liening and Deeding

Coolidge and Danforth discussed sending a letter after the lien is executed inquiring about the taxpayer’s financial situation and offering programs if needed. A follow-up letter would be sent during the second year, reminding the taxpayer that the Town will deed the property the following year and a definite plan is needed. If the taxpayer has been earnest, Selectmen can act with discretion.

It makes sense to use policies that other towns use instead of reinventing the wheel. Danforth felt that at the two-year mark, information should go to the Police Chief.

Danforth made a motion to send a letter to Roger Kidder stating that he will be paid $297 (based on previous year’s earnings) every two weeks until the Planning Board resolves the enforcement. Mishcon seconded. The vote was unanimous.

The Town Administrator will get quote for replacement of the half door in the bookkeepers’ office with bulletproof window from TC. She will also get a price for replacing basement window and replacing the front window in “belfry” with a custom steel door.

Bryant Adams is repairing the Highland Lake Pump House. Mishcon moved to allow $2,000 for repairs of Town property, Danforth seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

The Board next entered a non-public session.

The Board returned to public session at 8:55 PM

Mishcon moved to adjourn, Coolidge seconded and the vote was unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM