Investment Tax Repeal Benefits the Wealthy

By Judith Ackerson

Thank you Tyler Czarkowski for “America needs systemic change” (online, Concord Monitor, April 20). You are so right!  

I urge you to consider that all politics starts locally. Plenty is happening within our state of New Hampshire that is driven by a national agenda driven by billionaires. Many of our  New Hampshire representatives are funded by and follow the dictates of such national organizations as ALEC and YAL. You can look this up.

Recently the New Hampshire legislature repealed the interest and dividends tax, which will take effect January 1, 2025. Beginning with our taxes for the period ending December 31, 2023, and beyond, my husband and I will no longer have to pay taxes on the income we gain from investments. 

We have never objected to paying this fair share and did not ask for this break.  This was not put into effect to save the middle income people, like my husband and me, but to benefit the wealthy in our state. The same tax breaks on the national level for the wealthy have already taken place, and billionaires who are keeping wages low for young people like you are pocketing your future. 

Get politically active, Tyler. Check out the Kent Street Coalition, for starters, in your own backyard, and ask a member for advice on how you can get involved locally and nationally.  They can also direct you to other organizations. We desperately need your generation to be involved and, yes, it takes energy and dedication. My best to you.