Fourth of July Raffle

Andover prepares for the celebration.

Press release

It is hard to believe that another year has passed and the Fourth of July is just a short time away. One of our fundraisers is our annual raffle. The raffle fairy is out working her magic and collecting gift cards, pictures, blankets, tools, toys, and many other items to make this a magical event. 

She charms our friends and local merchants who have been generous in previous years. All of the proceeds go toward funding the day’s activities. For instance, the blow-up games for the children are very popular and are free.

We believed the rain last year would dampen attendees’ spirits but folks arrived with their umbrellas and had a great time. The games filled with water, which didn’t discourage the children. I think they had even more fun.

Be a part of the magic and buy some tickets. They are $2 each, or six for $5. You may call elf Judy (fairy assistant) at 603 735-5493 prior to the Fourth or buy them on the Town Green
the day of the event. Who knows? You might hold the golden ticket and win first prize.