WindowDressers 2024 Project

The goal is warmer homes and fuel savings.

Press release
Lori Cox, Andover, 2023-24 Kearsarge-area WindowDresser volunteer coordinator and Joe Kubit, New London, 2023-24 volunteer measuring coordinator.

WindowDressers is back for 2024. Last year 29 homes in the Kearsarge region were warmer while families saved money on reduced fuel costs. An estimated 1,686 gallons of fuel oil was saved through this Kearsarge WD project last year!  

Thirty-eight percent of 209 inserts went to eight families with limited resources at reduced cost or free. This year we will again be able to offer inserts at reduced rates for 25–35 percent of customers through grant money and/or fundraising. Two local-area nonprofit organizations, Kearsarge Climate Action (KCA) and Kearsarge Neighborhood Partners (KNP), are collaborating again on the project to lower local home-energy costs, under the guidance of a third nonprofit, WindowDressers ( of Maine. 

The project goal this year is 250 inserts. There are 16 families on the waiting list with plans to order 110 inserts, so do not delay. Orders are being taken and measuring teams are planning to begin measuring soon.

Comments from last year’s customers include: “We had a good experience both in measurement and the build”; “I look forward to this next window insert season. Thank you for all you have done to bring this to the Kearsarge area and make it a success”; “My downstairs feels much snugger with fewer drafts from the windows with inserts….my son’s room is also much warmer with less wind leaking in.”

The mission of KCA is “to increase community awareness of the climate crisis and identify opportunities for regional collaboration to effect change.” KNP’s mission is “to collaborate with individuals and organizations to create a support network which empowers people to achieve stability.

In the words of, “WindowDressers brings community volunteers of all economic and social situations together to improve the warmth and comfort of interior spaces, lower heating costs, and reduce carbon dioxide pollution by producing low-cost insulating window inserts that function as custom, interior-mounted storm windows. Our staff supplies, trains and supports teams of community volunteers as they build affordable, insulating window inserts.”  

Local window insert construction will take place at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in New London in the fall.  All customers and volunteers gather together for the Community Build and enjoy a meal together. The project is available to organizations, homeowners, and renters in Andover, Bradford, Danbury, Newbury, New London, Sunapee, Springfield, Sutton, Warner, and Wilmot. 

Cost per insert is roughly between $40 and $100, depending on size and construction materials. For more information, to place an order, or to offer support in local window-measuring, insert assembly, and/or insert installation, contact KCA’s Joe Kubit at or 603 748-4404.