Our Andover Libraries: MoreThanJust Books!

Many programs are available due to local support

By Michaela Hoover
One of the highlights of the Taylor Swift Poetry Party at the Andover Public Library was having your photo taken with a Polaroid camera!

Where can you rock out to Taylor Swift songs, view an art show, participate in a Cinco de Mayo themed book exchange, play imaginative games from Bluey, and join a book club all in the same month? At our Andover Libraries, of course!

Families loved dressing up as Grannies at the Andover Public Library’s Bluey Bash.

At the end of April, the Andover Public Library (APL) hosted a Taylor Swift Poetry Party, where we listened to Taylor’s music, completed some cool cat crafts, and made friendship bracelets. There were also lots of games to play, like Finish the Lyrics and Trivia. We even had a Swiftie Scavenger Hunt. Taylor has some dedicated fans in Andover!

Our Mini Art Show ran throughout the month of April, with 58 pieces on display. Participants were invited to decorate a mini canvas however they chose and the results were beautiful! If you didn’t get to see the art show in person, you can view the pieces on our Facebook page.

As May began, The Exchange partnered with us to host a Fiesta de Libros Book Exchange party. There was delicious food and fun games to play. Everyone brought a beautifully decorated book to give and left with a new-to-them story. Thank you to The Exchange for sponsoring this community event.

Ricky drives the bus at the Andover Public Library’s Bluey Bash. Children were invited to dress up and either drive or ride the bus.

The Bluey Bash was an opportunity for Bluey fans of all ages to enjoy some imaginative play. Children were invited to play Bus, Fancy Restaurant, Keepy Uppy, and Library, all games featured on the Bluey TV show. There were crafts, a “long-dog” scavenger hunt, Fairy Bread making, and even a photo booth area. It was wonderful to see parents, grandparents, and children playing together at the library!

Our “Read What You Want” Book Club, which meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at APL, continues to meet for evenings of silent reading, bookish discussion, and yummy snacks. Our Bachelder Book Club meets on the fouth Wednesdays at the William A. Bachelder Library to discuss assigned books, which can be picked up at either library. These are great opportunities to meet other readers in our community.

The Fiesta de Libros Book Exchange was a great opportunity to meet other readers and discover new books.


All of the above programs, plus all the other programs throughout the year, are possible because of your support of our library fundraisers! We hope you’ll visit our Mini Golf course at the Andover Public Library between July 3 and 6 and stop by our book sale, which is open on July 3 and  July 4 in the Stone Chapel. We also need volunteers and sponsors for both events. If you’re interested in these opportunities, stop by either library for more information.

Our libraries are not silent buildings full of books, where the librarian shushes you. They are vibrant community spaces where we welcome everyone! If you would like to receive emails from the libraries about our upcoming events, new books, and other news, please email andovernhlibraries@nullgmail.com and ask to be added to our mailing list. I hope to see you at the libraries soon!