Board of Selectmen Minutes, May 6, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Selectmen Danforth, Coolidge, Mishcon; Town Administrator Roy, and Road Agent Champagne

Single Stream Recycling

Budget for electrical does not allow for power being moved to the proposed site. There needs to be a plan on paper.

A work session was tentatively scheduled for May 10. The session will start at the Transfer Station. The Town Administrator will invite Jon Warzocha, John Elliot, Jon Champagne, and Reggie Roy to attend the work session.

Road Agent’s Report

Street signs have been replaced. Signs for Dodge Lane, Brick House Road, Emery Road, and Putney Road have been ordered. Dodge Lane needs a “Dead End” sign as well.

Highland Lake Beach: Three signs were approved but need to be ordered. Anchors are needed for the swimming area buoys. The far end of beach needs to be marked “Town Beach Ends Here.”

The Town Administrator will check the length of the buoy rope to determine the number of anchors needed.

Jon has rented a sweeper from E.W. Sleeper. The sweeper has failed twice, and he will find an alternative.

The Highland Lake Pump house looks great! Bryant Adams has done a wonderful job getting the building repaired.

Jon reported that liquid calcium chloride can be applied when the road surface is dry. Jon is waiting for an applicator. The grader has made a trip around all of the roads. Jon will take care of the tree that is down on Kearsarge Mountain Road.

Jon has received three paving quotes and will get three more. Crushing is complete, and the following materials were manufactured: approximately 3,000 to 4,000 yards of ¾” finish grade material, 3,000 yards of crushed gravel, and 1,000 yards of ¾” crushed quarry pack.

The Board signed a letter to Nancy Mayville at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) stating that construction of the Morrill Hill Road Bridge should get underway. It was decided that all work should be sent out to bid by DOT.

Jim Presher, who represents the Concord Trash Cooperative, made a presentation to the Board to request an extension of the Andover contract with the Concord Coop for solid waste disposal. The extension would effective until 2022.

The Board will designate part of the May 20 meeting to public questions and input regarding the contract extension. After the public portion of that meeting, the Board will vote whether or not to extend the contract.

The contract extension has been vetted by attorneys and does not require a Town Meeting vote. This is the fifth time over 25 years that the contract has been amended. There are two years left on the current contract.

Presher reported that Wilmot is already part of Andover’s co-op agreement. A more formal agreement is needed between the two towns. Bristol and Alexandria have a similar agreement. Bristol’s town administrator, Michael Capone, is the contact person for information regarding their agreement. CMA Engineers Paul or Craig will call Marj.

Code Enforcement

The Board clearly understands its responsibilities, Planning Board responsibilities, etc. There needs to be balance in the system to make the process work. An administrative component is necessary for the process to be effective. Fees need to be adjusted, and fees should be collected through the administrative process.

Bedford’s code enforcement is the director of Building Inspectors Association and will come to Andover and meet with whoever, whenever.