Andover After School Program

By Diane Adams, AASP Director
The Andover After School Program was caught in the process of enjoying outside play time. Photo: Diane Adams

Did you know that cows pee milk? This is one of many funny things that kindergarten kids come up with. This makes our jobs so fun and joyful!

The Andover Five Alive Program (AFAP) went for a nature walk to collect acorns for the squirrels. We collected over 750 acorns and had several visitors to our buckets. Within three days, the acorns were gone! We enjoyed watching the squirrels and chipmunks run around in the back yard. We made a frame, and everyone got a picture of them.

We had Columbus Day ships, telescopes, and hats and made a boat to recognize the day off. Cooking class is off to a great start. Pigs in a blanket, blueberry bread, and sugar cookies for ice cream sandwiches were among the favorites.

The Andover After School Program is a happy bunch. We had a Halloween bag hunt and ate the ice cream sandwiches to celebrate Halloween. Green jello with fake ants in it grossed everyone out! We always have a great time here at the Annex. Our group display was a haunted house with doors and windows that open up to a scary surprise.

We still have AFAP openings. If anyone is interested in our program, please feel free to drop in and check it out. You never know what the future may bring. We have an open door policy.

Thanks to all who have stuck with us! I feel we have made this program a huge success.