Board of Selectmen Minutes, June 17, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Road Agent’s Report

Concrete from the Route 11 bridge reconstruction (by New Hampshire DoT) is being crushed at the Transfer Station. When crushed, it will become part of the Town’s gravel inventory.

At the next work session, the Board and the Road Agent will review work orders that have not been authorized over the last year.

Al-Con is in town to do crack sealing on Agony Hill Road, Kearsarge Mountain Road, Lawrence Street, and Beech Hill Road. Al-Con will provide traffic control for the anticipated two days of work.

Sam Hill Road: The Road Agent’s recommendation is that All State Bituminous come in with their pug mill and manufacture cold mix to spread on the road. Screening will be done again at the Transfer Station and will provide more aggregate for farmer’s mix to use next year. Gerry Hersey has said that the top of the hill is fine this year.

Dave Marceau will hold the price from last year’s paving quote.

Brox Paving has quoted $70 per ton.

Jon will get another paver to quote paving the apron at White Oak Road. Jon has a stop sign in inventory that can go at the end of White Oak Road.

Jon has purchased a load of patch and has more patching to do.

The Road Agent, Town Administrator, and Bookkeeper will meet to review line items in highway budget.

Selectman Danforth stated, “When we issue building permits, a driveway permit will be included.” The current fee for a driveway permit is $25. The Road agent does a preliminary site visit and then, if a permit is issued, does an inspection to make sure the pipe is properly installed.

Treasurer Shirley Currier

Shirley requested authorization to move the balance of $2,597.97 from the Village Park Account to the Blackwater Park Fund. The Village Park Account was opened in February 2001. There has been no activity on this account, and it earns virtually no interest. The Board agreed that the Village Park Fund should be closed and the money transferred to the Blackwater Park Fund.

Cilleyville-Bog Bridge Fund: Shirley has spoken with the auditors about how to handle this account. Virtually no interest has been earned on this PDIP account. Lake Sunapee Bank has quoted a six-month CD paying .20% or $7, or twelve months which would earn .35% or $25 per year. There is an early withdrawal penalty, so if any repairs need to be made on the bridge, the Town could pay for the repairs and be reimbursed by the Cilleyville-Bog Bridge Fund when the CD matures. Marj to find amount of repair to bridge and request transfer funds to Town to reimburse for repairs paid for last year.

Police Department Chief Laramie

The Police Department report can be given to Town Administrator if the Chief does not need to go over anything specific with the Board.

The Department responded to more than 200 calls in the last one-month period. There was a burglary that may already be solved. Sergeant Mahoney is phenomenal, leaves no stone unturned, and is a great problem-solver. His competency and thoroughness are invaluable when solving many cases.

The Department is receiving seven to ten calls for unleashed dogs every month.

Seventy-six warnings and three summonses were issued. Construction seems to have slowed traffic down.

Traffic lights at Mitchell Brook construction site will cause problems on the Fourth of July. Two-way traffic will be a necessity. The DoT will need to provide two officers throughout the day and evening to keep traffic moving safely.

Marj will check with DoT about police coverage that day.

EMS John Kinney

John provided a printed “snapshot” of department activity over the last month. The Board signed Aetna paperwork for electronic payments.

The National Ambulance Service Survey requires all ambulance services to report income vs. expenses to the federal government. The process is complicated, but there is a provision that says that an outside source can provide the information. Comstar has provided the information for Andover.

The EMS will be fundraising for the purchase of a LUCAS Device, an automatic CPR device. They will have a demo unit available for the public to see on the Fourth of July. A cardiac monitor will also be on display, because the EMS needs a new one, as the current unit doesn’t meet requirements or interact with other cardiac equipment.

Planning Board: Enforcement

The Selectmen reviewed proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance that propose the elimination of a building ordinance and moving into a Zoning Ordinance. Administration and enforcement would remain the same. The Building Inspector would be the Zoning Administrator with a Deputy Zoning Administrator, both being appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The enforcement is left basically the same. The Zoning Administrator could enforce violations of the Zoning Ordinance.

Insert new Article 10: General Performance Standards. The requirement for running water and state-approved septic system and minimum square foot requirement for buildings would be brought over from the current building ordinance. Suggestions for general performance standards: Roof snow load, maximum two layers of shingles on roof, maximum driveway slope, maximum land slope for new buildings. Requirements for driveways should be incorporated into Zoning Ordinance and then enforced through the driveway permit process.

In the existing building ordinance, there is a regulation about living in a recreational vehicle for 90 days only that can be renewed once. Should this stay in the ordinance?

The Planning Board will work on the revised zoning ordinance at their next meeting (and possibly the next after that). It might be ready for public hearing at a July Planning Board meeting.

There was discussion about the rule for recreational vehicles being used as seasonal residences.

Should the current rule (90 day limit, enforced by the Board of Selectmen) be kept in the ordinance?

The Board of Selectmen will authorize the Zoning Enforcement Officer’s hours in the interim period and thereafter the Planning Board will authorize.

The new permit application form could be adopted by the Board of Selectmen at their next meeting.

Enforcements: Notices of Violation is the first step, the most gentle step, starts the clock on civil penalties should the Board of Selectmen decide to take a violation case to court.

Selectman Danforth made a motion to adopt the fee schedule, Selectman Coolidge seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

Reported violations:

1. A deck is being built at 92 Main St.

2. Guiheen, Potter Place.

The apartment at Patten’s Garage has been in existence since the 1970s.

Paul Currier reported that the Zoning Enforcement Officer can prosecute violation cases in District Court.

The Board of Selectmen authorized Paul Currier to talk with the Planning Board about the filing project (consolidation of files with property files).

The Board thanked Paul for his hours of research and work.


Avitar Associates: The Board requests budget for legal fees before agreeing to retain Jae Whitelaw. Marj will call DRA to check on whether or not funds put aside for public utility abatements can be used for legal expenses for these cases.

Selectman Danforth moved that Chairperson Mishcon sign the collateralization form from Lake Sunapee Bank. Selectman Coolidge seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.


Selectman Danforth moved the purchase of materials for security of records kept in the basement. Selectman Coolidge seconded, and the vote was unanimous.