RP Johnson and Son Acquired by Belletetes, Inc.

Both family businesses over 100 years old

Press release

RP Johnson and Son of Andover and Belletetes Inc., headquartered in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, have announced an agreement which allowed Belletetes to purchase the business assets of RP Johnson effective July 1, 2013.

Both family businesses share long histories in the retail lumber and building materials industry. RP Johnson was established in 1901 and Belletetes in 1898. Belletetes is operated by third- and fourth-generation family members.

The addition of RP Johnson & Son locations in Andover and Sunapee brings Belletetes’ number of lumber yards to seven. The other stores are located in Jaffrey, Peterborough, Nashua, and Ashland, New Hampshire; and in Winchendon, Massachusetts.

While the RP Johnson and Son name will be changing to Belletetes Inc., you will find the same helpful employees you have been used to dealing with. Throughout the sale, the Johnsons’ biggest concern was what would happen to their many fine employees.

Belletetes vice president Mike Shea said, “We knew going into this that we would need good people to make it work, so it was easy to assure the Johnsons that we would retain all their people.

“RP Johnson has been a well-run company for many years, and like Belletetes, they are proud of their legacy and their many dedicated employees who have contributed to their successes.”

Shea stated, “The RP Johnson ‘We Build It Forward’ community outreach is an impressive connection to the local community. It is a project we would like to continue as well as expand it into the other communities we serve.”

Belletetes does not anticipate making many immediate changes, citing many synergies between the two companies and their existing product lines. While there are some differences, we see tremendous opportunities ahead.

The most significant short term changes will occur when we convert these sites to our computer system. Those changes will primarily be the result of functionality and different processes associated with the computer system.