Board of Selectmen Minutes, July 1, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Selectmen Mishcon and Coolidge, Transfer Station Supervisor Reggie Roy, Town Administrator Marj Roy

Single-Stream Recycling

Reggie Roy reported that open containers could be utilized until the decision is made as to whether/how single-stream recycling (SSR) will work. Recyclables can be taken to Belmont, Hooksett, or White River Junction. The tonnage rate is $28 per ton.

A 30-yard container will probably handle the three tons that we produce per week. Trucking will be $205 per trip to Belmont.

Pricing is coming in for a compactor on the right-hand side of the hopper building. If a compactor is installed on that side of the building, there will be no need to move the three-phase electric. Hopefully, the container could be hauled once every two weeks.

Selectman Coolidge stated that we need to know the difference in cost between what we’ve done in the past and what we can arrange for now.

It was agreed that due to liability insurance, there must always be two people working at the facility whenever it is open.

The motion was made by Selectman Coolidge to begin open container single-stream recycling on July 10. The motion was seconded by Chairperson Mishcon, and the vote was unanimous.


Roadwork at East Andover Cemetery was done in 2012. There were not enough funds to pay for the entire job. The contractor was willing to work with the Cemetery Trustees as far as payment was concerned.

Additional surveying was done to finish the new burial area. $2,175.09 left of the $4,000 (2013) after paying for remainder of contract from 2012.

Paid $125 to have water system repaired at Proctor Cemetery. Surveyor’s bill is $2,328.75. Old Proctor Cemetery deed book bound $138.60 to bindery. Need $415.34 from budget. Selectmen will need to find the funds.

Selectman Danforth joined the meeting.

The map of the new burial area will be recorded at the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds.


On July 2, the Selectmen will do a property inventory of the recently acquired (via tax deed) property.

The Town Administrator will call Town Counsel regarding Masonic Lodge’s application for religious exemption.

A motion was made by Selectman Danforth and seconded by Selectman Coolidge to accept exemption applications from charitable organizations. The vote was unanimous.

EMS Grant

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Chief John Kinney reported that the EMS team is very excited about applying for the USDA Community Facilities Rural Grant and Loan Program. Since Andover’s ambulance and significant EMS equipment pieces have reached their 10 years of service mark, we need to be thinking about the $200,000 or more ambulance and equipment.

With the USDA Grant and Loan Program, we might get priority points because Andover is a town with a population less than 5,000. The application requires Andover’s median household income as it relates in percentage to be “below the higher of the poverty line or 60% of the State non-metropolitan median household income.”


Susan Chase has inquired about putting Wilmot Farmer’s Market signs on the Village Green and at the Transfer Station. The Board thought both were okay.

Selectman Danforth proposed that the Board contact the Andover Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment to establish formal communication with the PB and ZBA in Danbury so that communication process about the expansion of Ragged Mountain Resort will be structured.

The Budget Committee will meet on July 24. Selectman Danforth would like to review three of the fees: Transfer Station, Cemetery, and Office fees before the budget season starts. The Town Administrator will provide fees for next Board meeting. The Budget Committee is working on a presentation-style budget.