Planning Board, July 23, 2013

July 23

Condensed from approved minutes

Members present: Paul Currier, Chair; Jon Warzocha, Vice-Chair; Nancy Teach; Pat Moyer; Wood Sutton; and Duncan Coolidge, ex officio

Also present for duration of appropriate items: Wendy Pinkham; David and Irene Nye


Paul Currier met with the Zoning Board of Adjustment at their July 16 meeting to discuss overhauling of the Town’s filing system and briefed the Board regarding the proposed Zoning Ordinance changes. Currier also advised the Board that Lenny Caron is looking to have the conditions of his December 16, 2003 Zoning Board approval to operate a sand and gravel pit on his property located along Bridge Road modified.

Currier spoke with Alex Bernhard regarding the comments of the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail that the new grade crossings on the rail trail should be extremely limited. Currier presented an e-mail from Bernhard requesting this be incorporated into the Master Plan. Nancy Teach will research incorporation into the new Master Plan.

Non-Binding Consultation

Wendy Pinkham stated to the Board that she purchased property and had a home built on Currier Road in 2004/2005 and wants to propose an amendment in the Master Plan to disallow a secondary structure on property without there being a primary structure unless the property is in the commercial zone.

Currier explained that a property owner would need a Site Plan Review for any non-residential activity; however, the Board would not want to implement something to prohibit someone from operating a business after obtaining the proper approvals.

Pinkham asked about a non-commercial secondary structure on a lot and indicated that the town of Warner has such an ordinance. Currier stated that the Board would review and discuss this proposal.

Preliminary Non-Binding Consultation

Craig and June McDonald, lot merger on Cilleyville Road. The Board did not act on this, as the applicants were not present.

Discussion with Wood Sutton on Priorities

Currier asked Sutton about his concerns with the Master Plan. Sutton felt the Board needs a special meeting specifically for the Master Plan in order to complete it and asked what is remaining for completion.

Currier stated there are eight maps available along with shape files for the maps, and the Future Land Use Map is still needed. Once everything is completed, five copies will be printed, including the appendices.

Warzocha felt there was still a lot for the Board to accomplish before the end of the year and stated the Board should use one meeting per month strictly as a work session. The Board members agreed that a work session meeting is necessary each month.

Teach requested that the first monthly meeting be for application review and the second meeting a work session. The Planning Board members agreed, and this will start in September.

Preliminary Non-Binding Consultation

David and Irene Nye, Franklin Highway. Mr. Nye presented a diagram of his property indicating his 12’ x 16’ garage and explained he would like to enlarge to 26’ x 22’.

Currier advised them they will have to go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment for this, because lot line setbacks would not be met.

Zoning Ordinance Update

Currier sent a draft of the Zoning Ordinance proposed changes to the Board of Selectmen with a time-line. Currier relayed the concerns of the Zoning Board regarding a special meeting, with their thoughts that the meeting would have a poor turn-out and these should be voted on at Town Meeting. Coolidge stated the urgency from a legal standpoint.

Currier feels this is a significant enough change to the way the Town operates that the citizens should be made aware of it. Warzocha agrees with Currier. Teach stated she does not want to lose momentum. Sutton feels the Planning Board’s feelings need to be conveyed.

Currier stated the Board of Selectmen need to do their editing and then submit to Town Counsel for review. Coolidge will convey the Planning Board’s concerns with waiting until the March Town Meeting. Teach stated she felt the articles published in The Andover Beacon pertaining to the changes have been very well written.

Filing System Overhaul

Currier explained the procedure to the Board members for the new filing system – using the assessor’s files as the “base” file and incorporating the Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Building Inspectors files into the “base” file. The files will be chronological, with the newest files in the front.