Recreation Committee Minutes, October 8, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

The meeting began at 7:30 PM. Present were committee members Justin Carey, Nicole Donovan, Tom Frantz, Ellie George, Howard George, Tim Norris, and Brian Reynolds.

Rec Building Update

  • Dave Marceau will pave around the west and north sides of the building after the electrical and plumbing.
  • A forty gallon electric hot water heater will be installed.
  • There will be an outdoor spigot.
  • Jon Champagne is contributing a drinking fountain.
  • Electrical and Plumbing should be done soon.
  • A refrigerator, upright freezer, and cherry cabinets have all been donated.
  • The propane tank for the stove will require security

Rec Programs

Soccer: There will be no tournament in Andover this year. October 12 is the last day in Andover for both the first and second grade program and the third and fourth grade program. Both 3/4 teams are going to the Bob Andrews Jamboree in New London on October 13.

The 5th and 6th grade team has its last regular season game on October 15. They will play in the Merrimack Valley Soccer League tournament on October 19 and in Henniker on October 20. Their pink socks have been a huge hit and greatly appreciated by the parents. A 5th and 6th grade girls team will go to the MV Cup at Merrimack Valley High School, sponsored by the towns of Salisbury and Webster, on October 27.

The field will close on Saturday, November 2, and the large goals will stay up until then.

Nicole has done a wonderful job with Andover Soccer for three years with its multiple programs, staffing issues, reffing issues, and the inevitable stresses that go with youth sports. Characteristically, she will seek a replacement for herself and work with him or her to get the program up and running next year. Nicole will be sorely missed.

Basketball: The basketball signup will once again take place during Math Night at AE/MS on October 24.

Skiing: Skiing will also have its signups during math night at AE/MS on October 24. There will also be Andover Outing Club signups for Ski Jumping and X-C Skiing.

Ice Rink: The water pipe has been lowered over the summer, and there should be no more problems with freezing.

New Business

The Blackwater Park field needs a full winter prep after the last game on October 19, and the nets need to be taken down from the batting cage.

The pitching machine needs to go in the attic of the new building.

Next Meeting

A policy for the new building use.

The next meeting will take place at AE/MS on Tuesday, November 12, at 7:30 PM.