Letter: Please Take an Energy Survey

The Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative (KVTI) is an emerging local network of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations committed to improving the well-being and resilience of our neighborhoods and communities. Drawing upon the ideas, skills, and experiences of our members, we work at developing positive, localized solutions that address the regional impacts of larger global issues such as economic insecurity, environmental instabilities, and dependence on non-renewable energy.

Currently the KVTI is creating an Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) for the towns of New London and Andover. The purpose of the EDAP is to establish both a base line for current energy use and a long-term plan for the community. This plan will detail how the community can move away from non-renewable and toward cleaner energy sources.

So, here is where you can help. By taking a few minutes to fill out our short survey, you’ll be providing invaluable data that will help us create a more detailed and fully informed plan.

Please consider filling out our EDAP survey on the Web at KearsargeTransition.wordpress.com. Thank you for your time and effort.

To monitor our progress at any time, visit KearsargeTransition.wordpress.com. To stay informed about upcoming events, visit Meetup.com/Transition-Kearsarge.

The KVTI Team at Colby-Sawyer College