School Board Minutes, December 3, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Board Present: Don Gould, Michelle Dudek, Anne Swayze, Charlie McCrave, and Kent Armstrong

Administration Present: Mike Martin, Christine Barry, Robin Heins, Kathleen Boucher, Jane Slayton, and Judith Turk

Public Present: Tina Cotton, Arch Weathers

Board Chairperson’s Report: Charlie and Don are working with the Merrimack Valley School District Board to select the new superintendent. They are down to the final candidates and will be interviewing later this month.

Good News: Mike acknowledged Jane for the Veterans Day event that was held at AE/MS on November 12. Michelle stated that she has heard various comments out in the community from parents who are pleased with the full day kindergarten program.

Old Business

Contingency (Fund Balance): A memo has been outlined entitled “Tentative Fund Balance” (RSA 198:4-B,II) in the Board Packet. Mike explained the process and discussion took place regarding whether funds could be used towards Special Education or other emergency circumstances. No current action is required of the Board.

Facilities Study: Mike continues to gather information to present to the Board in regards to educational specifications that are required for different configurations (K-8 programs or elementary/middle school separate programs.) Current maintenance plans need to be updated.

New Business

Superintendent Search: Interviews are taking place during the month of December. Don and Charlie are representing Andover.

Flooring: The SAU is awaiting another bid. No action is required at this time.