Job Description – Bookkeeper

Community Publishing of Andover, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation) publishes The Andover Beacon monthly and several annual community publications throughout the year. The Bookkeeper plays a vital role in keeping the organization’s data resources – its accounting transactions and donation and subscription records – up-to-date and accurate.

The Bookkeeper also helps support the Board of Directors, the Publisher/Editor, and the production team by making that data available to them in useful, meaningful forms.

This is a part-time paid position, approximately 21 hours per month. The Bookkeeper reports to the Publisher/Editor and works closely with our volunteer accountant at mutually-agreeable times.


Comfortable with computers. Proficient with (or eager to learn) Quickbooks, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access), and Google Drive (Docs, Sheets).  


  • Work with our volunteer accountant to help manage the organization’s finances.
  • Create statements for and/or make phone calls to past-due advertisers
  • Supervise the volunteer who enters cash receipts (QB; Access)
  • Supervise the volunteer who creates advertising invoices (QB)
  • Pay bills and process monthly payroll (QB, Excel)
  • Update donation analysis spreadsheets (Sheets)
  • Perform routine bookkeeping (QB)
  • Create automated subscription renewal and donation thank-you letters (Word, Access)
  • Prepare or help prepare quarterly and annual payroll tax forms, IRS 990 Exempt Organization Report, insurance audits, government forms, etc. (QB, Access, Excel, Sheets)
  • Create mailing labels for each Beacon mailing (Word, Access)
  • Work with the Publisher/Editor to prepare a monthly report for the Board of Directors

Approximate Total Hours per Month

About 21 hours per month, or about 12% of 173 hours (40 hours per week times 4.33 weeks per month)

If you are interested in this position, please e-mail your resume to