Writer Elaborates on Moral Capital, Mary N. Chase, and Andover

Previous Beacon articles described Mary N. Chase

By Kent Hackmann

I frame my remarks below in the context of an opinion piece by David Brooks, the conservative writer for The New York Times. Writing in 2016, he defined moral capital as the “shared habits, norms, institutions and values that make common life possible.” Two weeks ago, when I came across Brooks’s essay, I realized that […]

The Whole Story

A new beginning in Andover

By Nancy Heden Clayman

“The house is big – four bedrooms – one for each kid or maybe the girls in one, so we might even have a guest room.” David smiles to himself, “How American.” He wonders if Ellen, sitting in the passenger seat beside him, is thinking the same. How fun it would be if Lotta and […]

“Ellen’s Journey”: An Andover Memory by Her Daughter

Ellen's path took her to perfect home in Andover

By Nancy Hedén Clayman
“Ellen’s Journey”: An Andover Memory by Her Daughter

Ellen Ström sits at the family kitchen table, a neatly packed trunk at her feet, reviewing her travel documents for the umpteenth time. She gazes at her passport photo – the American-style shorter hair, suggested by David Hedén (her future husband), looks somehow wavier and darker brown, a new look of herself. Though her eyes […]

Finding My History in Centuries Old Letters

By Nancy Heden Clayman

I write this story to introduce you to these immigrants who eventually made their way to Andover, New Hampshire, some two decades later. It was Andover’s lakes, nearby mountains, wide open fields that felt like Sweden to them, where they made a living, raised their family, developed friendships – Andover, their home for the remainder […]

Former Andover High School Student Shares Memories

My First Kiss

By Nancy Heden Clayman, Beacon Volunteer

A large yellow bus labeled “Andover Schools” idles patiently on this chilly, starless night, while the inside of the bus rocks with energy. Booming voices and laughter compete with drumming feet on the bus floor; restless bodies urge the driver to get going. There aren’t many empty seats on the bus as I breathlessly climb […]

Writer Reminisces about Andover High School

Imagine a sweater so white it sparkles, like sunlight on new fallen snow, not easy on the eyes. Long sleeved, V-neck cardigan, three buttons, two pockets, resting gently on one’s hips. That very sweater over a collared blouse, with a pleated skirt, socks, and penny loafers — the pièce de résistance for we girls at […]

Writer Reminisces About Events Held at Old Town Hall, Now the Hub

Basketball games, dances, high school, town meetings

By Nancy Clayman
Writer Reminisces About Events Held at Old Town Hall, Now the Hub

The snow-covered roofs of cars and pick-up trucks, jam-packed into the Town Hall parking lot, shine brightly under the full moon of this freezing February night. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the townspeople will likely fill the hall to capacity for this last home game of the season for both the girls’ and boys’ high school basketball […]

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