Former Andover High School Student Shares Memories

My First Kiss

By Nancy Heden Clayman, Beacon Volunteer

A large yellow bus labeled “Andover Schools” idles patiently on this chilly, starless night, while the inside of the bus rocks with energy. Booming voices and laughter compete with drumming feet on the bus floor; restless bodies urge the driver to get going. There aren’t many empty seats on the bus as I breathlessly climb […]

Writer Reminisces about Andover High School

Imagine a sweater so white it sparkles, like sunlight on new fallen snow, not easy on the eyes. Long sleeved, V-neck cardigan, three buttons, two pockets, resting gently on one’s hips. That very sweater over a collared blouse, with a pleated skirt, socks, and penny loafers — the pièce de résistance for we girls at […]

Writer Reminisces About Events Held at Old Town Hall, Now the Hub

Basketball games, dances, high school, town meetings

By Nancy Clayman
Writer Reminisces About Events Held at Old Town Hall, Now the Hub

The snow-covered roofs of cars and pick-up trucks, jam-packed into the Town Hall parking lot, shine brightly under the full moon of this freezing February night. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the townspeople will likely fill the hall to capacity for this last home game of the season for both the girls’ and boys’ high school basketball […]

Historian Searches for Information about Mary N. Chase

She lived in Andover from 1899 to the 1940s

By Kent Hackmann

I am writing an essay about Mary N. Chase (1863-1959) and am asking for information about her and those who knew her. She lived in Andover from 1899 through the 1940s and had a significant place in New Hampshire history. She was president of the New Hampshire Suffrage Association (1902-1912), working for the passage of […]

Lions Club Prepares to Build Showcase Home for Stagecoach

Help needed; contact

By John Hodgson
Lions Club Prepares to Build Showcase Home for Stagecoach

The Andover Lions Club, long the proud caretaker of a classic Concord Stagecoach, is now planning to showcase this treasure permanently in a new storage building on the grounds of the Andover Historical Society in Potter Place. For many decades, the Lions Club stagecoach has been a main feature of Andover’s Fourth of July Celebrations, […]

Author Shares First Memory of Andover, New Hampshire

First in a series of "Andover Memories" articles

By Larry Chase
Author Shares First Memory of Andover, New Hampshire

Editor’s Note: The Beacon is encouraging residents to submit a significant memory of life in Andover, or from one of the surrounding towns that perhaps has some connection to Andover. For more information, contact, or call 603 735-6099. We’d love to hear from you! It was late summer of 1945.  World War II had […]

Property Gain Marks Second Half of Andover Historical Society’s 40 Years

Land, freight shed, school house

By Cheryl Swenson

The second half of the Andover Historical Society’s 40 years began with the addition of three new properties.   In 2003, the Historical Society accepted a gift of a tract of land on Route 11 from Dalbello Sports Company near what is now the Millennium Moving Company.  Two months later, the Historical Society officially accepted the […]