Concerned Wilmot Citizens Put Wilmot Library on Notice About Programming

By Brianna Marino, Kathy Prieto, Jessica Fraioli

“White privilege. White fear. White guilt. Ingrained, systemic racism is being revealed and yet many white people have been unable or unwilling to talk about it. The conversations need to start now.  Let’s Talk Race confronts why white people struggle to talk about race, why we need to own this problem, and how we can […]

Statement about Laws Disagrees with Position on Laws

In her June 2021 Report from Concord, Louise Andrus writes that she has many times asked herself why we have so many laws and why we keep passing more and more laws. She states that it is her “belief that every time a law is passed, the law takes away someone’s rights.” I am aware […]

Understanding Our Rights Requires Knowledge of History

By Ken Wells

When did we all actually gain the freedoms we celebrate as Americans? ● Was it on July 4, 1776? Certainly not! Even here in East Andover into the early 1800’s, some white-skinned people were indentured or declared “paupers” whose servitude and labor was auctioned off to wealthier citizens, as if they were enslaved chattel. (See […]

Natalie Wells’ Report from Concord, July 2021

By Natalie Wells

The State Budget I proudly supported last month was historical in many ways. The Republican legislature created a budget to cut taxes and spend less. Some examples: Business Profit Tax reduced to 7.6%. Cuts to the Room and Meals tax we all pay, but will help boost tourism especially. $100 million in direct property tax […]

Andrus’ June “Report from Concord” Purports to be Something It’s Not

By Marie D. Nardino

Under the guise of a question from a constituent about her vote in the House Education Committee to retain SB135, Louise Andrus issued her Report from Merrimack Valley School District (MVSD) embedded in her “Report from Concord”  for June, wherein she justified the retention of a piece of legislation intended to provide increased education funding […]

Andover Resident Reminds People to Support Farm Stands

By Kent Hackmann

Now that I am vaccinated and go without worries to the Transfer Station on Saturday mornings, I am paying attention to our local farm stands.  I highlight three that cater to my single-item needs. For crusty homemade sourdough bread, I stop at Crow Tree Farm, at 72 Main Street; Malora Moore and Joe Rice, owners.  […]

Report From Concord – Natalie Wells

By Natalie Wells

Here are some recent bills passed to share with you. SB-89  “relative to the effect of certain federal laws on New Hampshire election procedures.”  If the United States Congress passes HR1 or S1, which would have control over all state elections, here in New Hampshire the federal government cannot touch our state or local elections.  […]

Report From Concord – Louise Andrus

By Louise Andrus

A constituent asked me a question in an email: “Why did the House Education Committee vote to retain SB135?  By retaining it, property taxes are sure to rise, not only in Merrimack #1 but across the state. How do you justify raising taxes? Will you explain your vote in your report in The Andover Beacon?” […]

State Budget as Presented Likely to Increase Property Taxes

By Mary Anne Broshek

In the May Beacon, Louise Andrus states that “ Republicans were sent to Concord with a directive to lower taxes and use the taxpayers’ money wisely”. The only problem is that, by all appearances, the Republicans lowered taxes for corporations and the wealthiest instead of for local property tax payers. An important way the Legislature […]

Louise Andrus’ Report from Concord, June 2021

By Louise Andrus

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  I suggest reading and rereading this quote and thinking about what it says and means.  It has much meaning, and in my opinion pertains […]

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