Co-sponsorship of HB 1473 Ignores What’s Best for Children

By Janet Moore

Louise! My reaction to your co-sponsorship of Bill HB 1473 is: No social-emotional learning in schools? No relationships, mentoring, civic engagement? Where did you get this?! Have you not seen what happened to kids of all ages during the COVID-19 pandemic? Not only did they lose valuable academic skills and time, they also lost the […]

History’s Warning About Dictators: It Will Be as Bad as it Seems

By Pecco Beaufays

Some days ago I listened to the former candidate for Chancellor of Germany, Mr Armin Laschet, who was giving a speech warning of the dangers of extreme right positions within some groups in current German society. His warning: “Don’t let these groups come close to governmental functions; they will use their positions to destroy democracy.”  Does this […]

Louise Andrus’s View from Concord – February

By Louise Andrus

Happy Maple Syrup Season which means Spring is just around the corner! The House and Senate have been very busy with bills in committee public hearings and House sessions.  In the Judiciary Committee, we have had hearings on bills like:  HB 1602 , relative to the authority of the housing appeals board; HB 1283, relative […]

Deborah Aylward’s View from Concord — February

By Deborah Aylward

On the Homemade Food Front, HB 1565 w/A, sponsored by Representative Matt Coulon, was recently passed by a full House vote. Fondly described as the “pickle bill,” the amendment to RSA 143-A Food Service Licensure allows for the production of acidified canned foods (e.g., pickles, relish) in residential kitchens without licensure, which, when signed into […]

Danbury Resident Disagrees with Select Board’s Position

By Deborah Aylward

The Town of Danbury Selectmen irresponsibly, in my opinion, voted to “recommend” an ill-advised $3M, 20-year bond for a so-called “safety center” (Article 4 on the ballot). In contrast, the Budget Committee wisely “does not recommend” the article. Meanwhile, voters in the towns of Groton, Bridgewater, and Hebron will be voting on whether or not […]

Deborah Aylward’s View from Concord — January

By Deborah Aylward

What’s in a Name? Whereas the term “cottage foods” is used to describe regulated homemade food products in most states’ regulatory schemes, in New Hampshire, the term “homestead food products” is instead used, which, most likely unintentionally, skews the law in favor of farmers.  With all due respect to farmers who may be homesteading, (i.e., […]

Representative Calls Regulatory Schemes into Question

Confusion over homemade food regulations

By Deborah Aylward

Statutes relating to homemade food regulation, trade name registration when the term “farmers market” is used in the business or domestic nonprofit’s name, and conformance with the definition of farmers market do not align to support the interests of the regulated, and are fraught with a risk of a complaint and imposition of enforcement of […]

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Applies to Today’s Issues

By Kent Hackmann

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was published in January 1776, 14 months after he arrived from England, and many months after the war with England began at Concord and Lexington. The pamphlet was an overnight success and Paine became the most popular and widely read author in the American colonies. Common Sense established Paine as one […]

News from Concord

By Deborah Aylward

Encountering Congressional Candidate Lily Tang Williams at a recent fundraising event and after hearing her very compelling story of overcoming communism to arrive in our great country where she has the freedom to pursue representation of District 2 citizens in Congress, I found that despite her petite stature, she is a real spitfire dedicated to […]

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