Louise Andrus’ Report from Concord, May 2021

By Louise Andrus

First of all, I want to reiterate to the citizens of Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury what I stand for as a member of the New Hampshire House, which has not changed.  I defend and uphold the United States Constitution and New Hampshire Constitution; I vote against any income tax or sales tax and any tax […]

Educational Workshops on Race Addressed by State Rep

Member of House Education Committee

By Louise Andrus

I attended the Merrimack Valley School District School Board Meeting on April 12. In the comment section of the agenda I addressed the following: “Thank you Randy. Good Evening, For those who do not know me, my name is Louise Andrus.  I am a taxpayer and resident of Salisbury. I am also a State House […]

Natalie Wells’ Report from Concord, May 2021

By Natalie Wells

On April 13, the Governor signed SB43 which will enable the Secretary of State to do an audit on the Windham, New Hampshire state election.  As I proudly serve as the House Election Law Committee Clerk, you might like to know we passed several bills dealing with absentee ballots in an effort to build confidence […]

A Reminder that Recycling is Available in Andover

By Janet Moore

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, along comes more good news. You can now recycle bottles and cans at the Andover Transfer Station. That includes beverage containers of all kinds, as long as they’re glass, tin, or aluminum. Oh wait, we’ve been doing that for several years now. So, save those beer […]

In a Democracy, Citizens Have the Right to Govern Themselves

This requires more than voting

By Ken Wells

Democracy means “the people rule.” As citizens of a democracy, we have the right and also the responsibility to govern ourselves, our democracy’s publicly-owned institutions, and privately-owned commercial enterprises. Doing this effectively requires more than just voting on Election Day. We citizens often neglect our responsibility to pay close attention to what’s happening in government. […]

State Legislature Meets In-Person to Take Up Bills

Partial list of bills and personal vote

By Louise Andrus

Happy Spring!  But it is not Spring this morning, March 15.  It’s only five above zero with high winds. Very cold when I went out to feed the animals. There are some patches of bare ground and muddy roads. The sap is running when it warms up enough for it to run, and some of […]

Benefits of Medicare for All Explained; Vote Yes

By Kent Hackmann

Last month’s Beacon published a petitioned warrant article that will be on the warrant at the upcoming Andover Town Meeting. It asks Congress to pass a bill for Medicare for All (M4All).  M4All would have tangible, positive results: ● Freedom from the worrying expenses of increased deductibles and premiums that have risen annually.  ● Freedom […]

Efforts to Privatize Education Threaten Public Schools

All-inclusive learning is at risk

By Cinde Warmington

Public education is at the edge of a precipice in New Hampshire right now. Our state has some of the best public schools in the country: US News & World Report ranks our state third in the nation for pre-K to 12 education.  But this year, a well-coordinated effort in our state government is poised […]

Property Tax Increase Possible if Education Voucher Bill Passes

By Mary Anne Broshek

A prime concern for New Hampshire legislators and Governor must be to lower property taxes by undoing and preventing the  downshifting of costs to towns and cities. In the past, down shifting was done when State revenues went down.  The promise was to reinstate those funds when revenue went back up. Listed below are a […]

New State Representative Gives Overview of House Happenings

By Louise Andrus

As a State Representative the most gratifying part of the journey is listening to the citizens in hearings or reading their emails, whether for or against any given bill.  Listening or reading both sides of an issue can give a whole new perspective to an issue. To me, the Legislature is of the people, by […]

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