A Heartfelt Thank You To Jon Mishcon and David Blinn

By Janet Moore

To the residents of Andover, Jon Mishcon served for the last three years as town moderator. The moderator’s job is not an easy one. He has to run an efficient town meeting according to parliamentary rules and New Hampshire State RSAs. The business of the town must be moved forward in an orderly way, allowing […]

A Concerned Citizen Warns of COVID-19 Device Scams

By Nancie Jacobson

In the midst of any national disaster we can all be sure of one thing; we will see the very best from people. We’ve seen it time and again when our country has been faced with tough challenges and people from far and wide have stepped up together to help those in need. But unfortunately, […]

Logging Complaints and New Hampshire Law

By David Blinn, Select Board Member

I read Donna Baker-Hartwell’s letter in last month’s Beacon pertaining to logging in Andover and wish to clarify several points. There are no “special permits” issued by the Town. It is called “intent to cut” which indicates location and estimated quantity. The town receives “yield tax” compensation for the harvesting. She further implies that some […]

Behind the Carbon Cash Back Warrant Article

By Susan & Larry Chase
Behind the Carbon Cash Back Warrant Article

The 2020 Carbon Fee and Dividend (also known as the Carbon Cash-Back) warrant article that will be on the warrant at Andover’s Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 10 asks members of the New Hampshire Senate and House of Representatives to implement the most efficient lever available to reduce climate pollution. It accomplishes this goal by […]

Report From Concord, February 2020

Carbon Cash-Back plan appears on warrants

By Ken Wells

Exciting things have been happening in New Hampshire in 2020, and Andover is right in the middle of it all. New Hampshire held the First In The Nation Primary, and our state did itself proud in contributing a meaningful start to the important national process of selecting our presidential candidates for November. (Sorry you made […]

No Special Relationship With Private Enterprise

By Marjorie M. Roy, Town Administrator

Since reading Donna Baker-Hartwell’s article in last month’s Beacon about logging in Andover I feel that I need to respond. Intent-to-Cut forms are not special permits. The assertion that some type of “special relationship” between Town officials and private enterprises could lead to special favors is deeply insulting. The Select Board and the office staff […]

Some Realistic Facts

After reading an article defending why the Democrats denied Federal monies to Charter Schools, I offer you some realistic facts: Fact: A Charter School is a Public School funded by the State, not the local taxpayer.  All of New Hampshire’s Charter Public Schools receive state funding, totaling approximately $7,100.  In my District, Kearsarge Regional, the […]

Thank You For Response to Fire

By Cindy Benson
Thank You For Response to Fire

 To the Editor, Mr. Rogers said, “When you see something scary, look for the helpers.” I Can attest to the fact that when something bad happens, there are helpers to Be found. On Wednesday afternoon, December 11, a fire started in my 200 plus year old post and beam barn because of a careless error […]

Report From Concord, December 2019

By Ken Wells, NH State Representative
Report From Concord, December 2019

We in the United States have reached a “now or never” moment in dealing with the pollution caused by the generation of electricity, our transportation system, and heating our buildings. The answer is not to do without the benefits of modern living, but to do it all differently. You may recall that at one point, […]

Hello to Andover Friends

A 2020 Hello and Update From Mary 

By Mary Meier

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that another year is in the books. Welcome 2020! I just wanted to take this time to update my friends and customers. I sold the salon, New Horizons Hairstylist to Meghan Barton on July 1, 2019. That seemed like yesterday! Roy and I took most of the summer helping […]

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