Political Conversation is Alive and Well in Andover

By Kent Hackmann

Letters in the May and June issues highlight two contrasting political positions.    On the moderate Democratic side, Ken Wells reported in May on his legislative activity in the New Hampshire General Court.  He has a clear commitment to measures that benefit all of us. I highlight three: Funding for education to reverse the many […]

Report from Concord

By Ken Wells & David Kerrick

With the end of June comes the end of the regular legislative schedule. The House and Senate have read each other’s bills and made their decisions to concur or reject each one of them. A huge pile of bills are sitting on Governor Sununu’s desk, awaiting his signature. If he signs a bill, it becomes […]

Did Your State Representative Really Vote on your Behalf?

By Natalie Wells

While you are going to work everyday to make a living, stay retired, State Representatives Clyde Carson, David Karrick and Ken Wells (no relation) are undermining not only your taxes but your 2nd Amendment rights, and so much more. Part of the State Budget, SB1, sponsored by Democrat Senator Dan Feltes is a Mandatory Paid […]

Keeping Taxes Low is Under Attack

By Louise Andrus

As we celebrate the 4th of July in the company of family and friends with a cookout or maybe go to a parade and fireworks, we should think about the meaning of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The 13 colonies set America free by severing ties with Great Britain. These are […]

FMLA Fee Equals Income Tax

By Steven Bowers, Andover-Danbury Republicans

The budget passed by this legislature veers dangerously away from historic New Hampshire budgetary restraint.  With alarm, I thought of personal lessons learned during a few short years away from New Hampshire, embodied in one example from this budget.   We left New Hampshire several years ago for North Carolina, and the income tax impact […]

An Invitation from The Andover Community Hub

Press Release
An Invitation from The Andover Community Hub

To our Andover friends and neighbors, Could your business or organization benefit from having a presence — either full-time or on an occasional basis — in an historic building in the center of Andover, fronting on State Route 11 and U.S. Route 4?  If yes, please read on. As you likely know, Andover’s old town […]

Live Free Or Die

By Louise Andrus

New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die.”  Do you know how it started?” It was from a toast written by New Hampshire’s General John Stark in the Revolutionary War in 1809.  General Stark was unable to attend an anniversary reunion of the Battle of Bennington due to poor health. He sent his toast by […]

Report from Concord

By Ken Wells

In April, all twenty-four House committees have been holding “public hearings” and “executive sessions” on Senate bills, while the Senate similarly scrutinizes passed House bills. Some bills have already passed both legislative bodies and been sent to the Governor’s desk for signature or veto, and legislators are already maneuvering to collect votes for overriding or […]

Steven Bowers

By Steven Bowers

Safety.  Privacy protection.  Fairness. Beautiful words disguising lies as works of art, and the deceptions passed by our House of Representatives are truly breathtaking in their grandeur.  None of these words contain truth. In voting to allow illegal immigrants to obtain state issued driver’s licenses, the Democratic majority made us less safe, undermined citizen’s privacy, […]

Thanks for the “Reports from Concord”

By Steven Darling

I would like to thank our representative, Ken Wells, for continuing the tradition of providing reports on the status of budgets, legislation, and activities of our state legislature in Concord.   We are fortunate to have both a representative motivated to make the effort, and a local newspaper that provides a means of reaching the people […]

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