Candidate’s Goals are to Serve the Public; Bring Citizens Back Together

By Dr. Richard Lobban
Candidate’s Goals are to Serve the Public; Bring Citizens Back Together

Sometimes I am asked why I am running for the New Hampshire Senate District 7. Certainly not for the $100 annual salary! And not for the huge cost in time, taking me away from my other professional responsibilities and my family.  Those come with the turf of running a political campaign. I am running because […]

Focus on the Next Generation, Not the Next Election

By Harvey Pine

In Louise Andrus’ advertisement in the August Beacon, she quoted James Freeman Clarke: “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election, while the statesman thinks about the next generation.”  Sage words that I hope our representative reflects upon to put her term into context.   Lack of […]

Legislative Successes Indicative of Candidates’ Experience

By Deborah Aylward

As a voter (and candidate), I’d like to see other candidates disclose their independent legislative accomplishments, if any, which in my view, are an indicator of being the most qualified to fill the positions sought.  Of Districts 5 and 26 State House candidates, to my knowledge, only Alvin See and I have had bills sponsored […]

Louise Andrus’ View from Concord

By Louise Andrus

Thank you to every voter in Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, Webster for your votes in the Primary on September 13.  I do not take your votes for granted.   And now we are gearing up for the November 8 General Election.  Many candidates on the ballot are knocking on doors, making phone calls, and mailing flyers […]

Voter Feels We Need Ken Wells Back in the Legislature

By Caroline Moulton

Ken and Lee Wells are our next door neighbors. We could not ask for better! We know we can call them in an emergency and also just for help in moving something heavy or figuring out the computer. Ken’s response has always been “I’ll be right there.” Over the years we have become good friends, […]

Voter Feels We Need Lorna Carlisle’s Decency, Common Sense, Energy

By Caroline Moulton

New Hampshire is blessed with an abundance of small independent farms. The best tomato I’ve ever tasted came from Tim Gallagher’s Windswept Farm in Salisbury. The eggs we get from Cedartree Farm, also in Salisbury, are so delicious that they’ve ruined eggs for me elsewhere. Donna and Phil at Huntoon Farm in Danbury have great […]

Reader Highlights Positive News Related to Legislative Actions 

By Mary Anne Broshek

Sometimes good things don’t get the exposure they need.  Here are some things to feel good about. Infrastructure and Jobs Act, signed into law in November 2021, brought $1.2 billion into New Hampshire for road and bridge repair, expanded broadband, clean drinking water, protection from wildfires and cyberattacks, public transportation and airport improvement, charging stations, […]

Poll Worker Reassures the Public that Voting Machines are Not Programmable

By Judith Ackerson

An organization,, states that New Hampshire elections are vulnerable using programmable voting machines. This is a lie. Don’t want to trust me? Call the Secretary of States office for the facts at 603 271-3246 or email Let me assure voters in Franklin and all of New Hampshire they have nothing to fear. The […]

Andover Election Moderators Thank Voters and Volunteers

By Stuart Green and Lee Wells

Another successful election is wrapped up! We are impressed again and again by our wonderful town.  We are so grateful to all who helped out and all who turned out to vote! We received help and support from JJ’s, the Hub, the police, the faculty, staff, and students of AE/MS, the Select Board, all of […]

The Terms “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Limited Government” Contradict Each Other

By Bill Bardsley

In my opinion, Representative Andrus displays the same blindness toward the abortion discussion as do some of her like-minded Republican associates.  Early in her big ad, published in the August Beacon, she states that she is pro-life and pro-limited government. Later on, she praises a definition of “Liberty”:  “The quality or state of being free.  […]

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