Natalie Wells Is Running For New Hampshire House of Representatives

By Natalie J. Wells
Natalie Wells Is Running For New Hampshire House of Representatives

Natalie Wells has filed to represent Merrimack 25 in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Natalie released the following statement: “I am proud to announce that I am running to once again represent Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, and Webster in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives.” When Natalie previously served in the legislature, she fought to […]

Residents Are Urged To Learn Their Absentee Voting Rights

By Judith A. Ackerson

030 Opinion – Letters – Ackerson – Absentee Ballot Our United States Constitution reminds us that we have a right to vote, and as such, all barriers must be removed. Our New Hampshire Constitution tells us in Part 1, Article 11, that we must have accessible voter registration. As a resident of Franklin, I am […]

Andover Needs the Beacon and the Beacon Needs Ads

A business owner encourages businesses to keep advertising

By Gail and Pecco Beaufays

In a recent conversation with some Andover residents, it became evident that advertising support for The Andover Beacon has been reduced from regional service companies trying to sell their services and by some local Andover businesses. Following this conversation, I am wondering if regular advertisers in the Beacon understand the consequences of their action. Of […]

Report From Concord

By Ken Wells

In 2020 we have come to know a level of disquiet and disruption to which few of us can find comparisons in our lifetime. In my own life, having ridden through personal rough spots and through rough spots in the life of my community from time to time, I can suggest what we need in […]

Joseph Kenney Runs On Restoring Civility And Responsibility

Press release

It’s official. Former Republican Executive Councilor Joseph D. Kenney has signed up to run for his fourth term representing District 1, which includes 108 towns, 4 cities and several unincorporated areas in northern New Hampshire. Kenney made an official announcement Tuesday afternoon while he filed for the seat at the New Hampshire State House in […]

Absentee Ballots Are Available On Andover Town Website

Voters can make their own determination about risk

By Kent Hackmann

Do you worry that your health will be in danger from COVID-19 by traditional voting in person? If yes, Governor Sununu says you can protect yourself and others by using an absentee ballot to vote by mail in the primary and general elections.  The Secretary of State and the Attorney General believe that citizens concerned […]

Socialism Versus Societal Awareness – There’s A Difference 

The fall election will not determine "Freedom" or "Socialism"

By Pecco Beaufays

In Louise Andrus’s Opinion piece, published in the June Beacon, she ends with the statement “I believe the election in the Fall will decide New Hampshire’s future, either Freedom or Socialism.” In my opinion, that’s a false choice. One ideology does not necessarily exclude the other. Perhaps she should explain her take on “socialism” as […]

New Hampshire’s Fight Against COVID; Testing Available

Wear masks; look for ways to help your neighbors

By Ken Wells

As of June 10, the New Hampshire Legislature is back in session again, finally. Since the House of Representatives’ 19-hour marathon session back on March 12, the House has been unable to meet. The Governor declared a COVID-19 state of emergency on March 17, locking the State House and the Legislative Office Building. On March […]

Agree Or Disagree, Chris Sununu is the Governor of New Hampshire

By Louise Andrus

I was very disappointed with an opinion article in The Andover Beacon last month on “How Do We Govern the State Without Holding Meetings? GOFERR is not in the best interests.” I have felt and continue to feel that during this COVID-19 period of time, with everything pertaining to this virus being new in nature […]

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