Residents Are Urged To Learn Their Absentee Voting Rights

By Judith A. Ackerson

030 Opinion – Letters – Ackerson – Absentee Ballot Our United States Constitution reminds us that we have a right to vote, and as such, all barriers must be removed. Our New Hampshire Constitution tells us in Part 1, Article 11, that we must have accessible voter registration. As a resident of Franklin, I am […]

Andover Needs the Beacon and the Beacon Needs Ads

A business owner encourages businesses to keep advertising

By Gail and Pecco Beaufays

In a recent conversation with some Andover residents, it became evident that advertising support for The Andover Beacon has been reduced from regional service companies trying to sell their services and by some local Andover businesses. Following this conversation, I am wondering if regular advertisers in the Beacon understand the consequences of their action. Of […]

Absentee Ballots Are Available On Andover Town Website

Voters can make their own determination about risk

By Kent Hackmann

Do you worry that your health will be in danger from COVID-19 by traditional voting in person? If yes, Governor Sununu says you can protect yourself and others by using an absentee ballot to vote by mail in the primary and general elections.  The Secretary of State and the Attorney General believe that citizens concerned […]

Beacon’s May Articles Connected Resident to Andover

By Rita Norander

The May issue of the Andover Beacon was full of interesting stories and articles about the people of Andover, and what they were doing to keep busy during their stay-at- home time due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. I found the articles concerning Andover’s businesses to be very helpful in letting me know which ones […]

Physical Distance, Social Connection

By Charlie Darling

Our community is well served by physical distancing and wearing masks, as well as by the many efforts around town to maintain our social connections despite the need for physical distance. Kudos to all for committee meetings via Zoom, a virtual Community Coffee House each month, neighbors helping neighbors, etc. But what I find confusing […]

Optimistic Thoughts On Being a Homebody in Andover

By Ken Wells

We all worry about “bad things happening” to us, and to those dear to us, in these pandemic days. There is growing anxiousness about the waning of our livelihoods and our environment, looming just over the horizon. I admit I feel cut off from my former routine and occupation, giving me too much time to […]

Voters Should Have The Choice of Voting In Person or By Absentee Ballot

By Judith Ackerson

While the governor has taken a first step by broadening his interpretation of the absentee voter laws to allow people who “feel more comfortable voting absentee because of the outbreak,” it is not up to any governor to grant or allow us to cast our vote under any circumstances. That is our constitutional right, and […]

Please Support An Independent Advisory Redistricting Commission

A relevant short history lesson about Gerrymandering 

By Kent Hackmann

To The Andover Beacon, I ask your support for HB 1665 to establish an advisory independent redistricting commission.  As you know, the measure passed the New Hampshire House with a bipartisan vote just before the coronavirus crisis set in. It will be before the Senate when it is back in session, hopefully in the first […]

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