Showing Concern for Children Held in Detention Centers

By Judith Ackerson

With so many news stories continually perking to the top, we must not forget the children who are still being detained, jailed, in detention centers.  They are suffering severe emotional distress. When they are reunited with their families, it will be years of healing from their separation and some may never recover.  Don’t forget, either, […]

Comments on Current Politics in Andover.

By Kent Hackman

The annual Danbury Grange Day on Saturday, September 9, included, as it had in the past, the tents of the Merrimack Republican Steering Committee and the Danbury-Salisbury-Andover Democrats.  Louise Andrus (announced candidate for House District 1) and Natalie Wells (2016-18 representative for House District 25) presided over the GOP tent. Ken Wells (current representative for […]

Hit & Run! Thank You!

By Kathy Hildebrand

They say New Englanders tend to keep to themselves and mind nobody’s business but their own –  but always keep a watchful eye out for those in need. This is true. Andover is a small town of some 2,700 people. Our politics differ. Our incomes differ. Our education and life experiences differ.  But you will […]

Learning From History

By Pecco Beaufays

I was born in Germany in 1948, after World War II ended. I’ve had to live my whole life with the stigma of responsibility for crimes against humanity committed by my country. Part of my family is German, the other part Belgian. I remember being the target of insults on the street in Belgium because […]

Remember When

By Louise Andrus

Do you remember when Andover had a high school? I grew up in Wilmot. At the end of the 8th grade we had to go somewhere else for high school. When I graduated we had a huge class, 10 students. Some went to New London High School and the remainder of us usually attended the […]

The Beacon Welcomes Your Civil, Reasoned Letters

Our mission is to strengthen community

By Beacon Board of Directors

The Beacon’s policy on letters (see begins “The mission of The Andover Beacon is to serve and strengthen the Andover community. To that end, we welcome civil, reasoned letters …”  This policy has been in place for all 15 years of the Beacon’s existence, and the Board of Directors takes it very seriously. This […]

September Report from Concord

By Ken Wells

Since the 2019 Legislative session closed at the end of July, the Governor has been making almost daily headlines with his vetoes of bills that have passed with a majority in both legislative bodies. At this moment, there have been an unprecedented 53 bills vetoed. Most remarkable to me is roughly half of the Governor’s […]

Letter to the Editor

By Louise Andrus

Andover had another great 4th of July celebration. I  marched in the parade with the Merrimack County Republicans. The response from the public was very positive. Thank you to each and every person involved in the Andover 4th of July celebration as I know it is good planning, and  tremendous hard work to make a […]

Response to Ken Wells’ July Letter to the Beacon

By Faith Clendenan

To the Beacon: I read Ken Wells’ report on the legislative session in Concord and was dismayed at his uncharitable comments about corporations.  Corporations are organized under the law in order for groups of people to work together to achieve a common goal, whether that is construction of tangible products, providing services, or any of […]

Curtain Raisers for the 2020 Election?

By Kent Hackmann

The Beacon’s readership has been treated in the June and July issues to letters from both sides of the political spectrum.  Are we reading curtain raisers for the 2020 election? On the moderate Democratic side, State Representatives Ken Wells and David Karrick have reported from the State House and, in my opinion, informed readers about […]

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