Revitalization Begins on the Franklin Opera House

By Judith Ackerson

As a resident of Franklin since 1976, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Franklin Opera House for over 20 years, I thank the current City Council, Mayor Brown and, mostly, the citizens of Franklin, for being willing to tackle what former administrations have neglected. The revitalization of our beautiful City Hall/Franklin […]

Carlisle Supports Rights, Health, Safety, and Social Support Programs

By Peg Boyles

 Lorna grew up in a large family in Webster, absorbing the rural virtues of hard work, frugality, and a love of nature. She’s lived in Salisbury for 18 years, operating a small farm and seasonal farm stand. After her partner Ray died last fall, Lorna continued farming on her own, having retired from a successful […]

Voter Praises Candidate Aylward for Dedication

By Charles Baer

Over the past few months I have spent time talking with Deborah Aylward, who is one of two Republicans seeking election to the two State Representative District Five positions, which includes Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Hill, and Webster. Deborah Aylward is a former detective agency owner who specialized in the difficult cases of child abduction and […]

Governor Sununu’s Record Contradicts Moderate Stance

By Judith Ackerson

Governor Sununu pretends to be a moderate. He is anything but. Examples that contradict this stance are: his abortion plan attached to the budget, which interferes with a woman’s right to seek appropriate medical attention; his school voucher program which takes money away from our public schools (appointing a head of the Department of Education […]

Candidate Ken Wells Cares Deeply About Our Community 

By Mario Ratzki

My good friend and neighbor, Ken Wells, is running to be re-elected as our state representative for Merrimack District 5, which includes Hill, Danbury, Andover, Salisbury, and Webster. Ken has been involved in our town government on the planning board, attended School Board and Select Board meetings. A board member of the Andover Community Hub, […]

Voter Deems Deborah Aylward a Woman of Action

By Debi Langlais

I have had the privilege of getting to know Deborah Aylward personally and can say for a fact that she is not all talk, but a woman of action. Besides standing up for the citizens of Hill who were opposed to a proposed gravel pit, I am aware of her interacting with state agency personnel, […]

Candidate’s Goals are to Serve the Public; Bring Citizens Back Together

By Dr. Richard Lobban
Candidate’s Goals are to Serve the Public; Bring Citizens Back Together

Sometimes I am asked why I am running for the New Hampshire Senate District 7. Certainly not for the $100 annual salary! And not for the huge cost in time, taking me away from my other professional responsibilities and my family.  Those come with the turf of running a political campaign. I am running because […]

Focus on the Next Generation, Not the Next Election

By Harvey Pine

In Louise Andrus’ advertisement in the August Beacon, she quoted James Freeman Clarke: “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election, while the statesman thinks about the next generation.”  Sage words that I hope our representative reflects upon to put her term into context.   Lack of […]

Voter Feels We Need Ken Wells Back in the Legislature

By Caroline Moulton

Ken and Lee Wells are our next door neighbors. We could not ask for better! We know we can call them in an emergency and also just for help in moving something heavy or figuring out the computer. Ken’s response has always been “I’ll be right there.” Over the years we have become good friends, […]

Voter Feels We Need Lorna Carlisle’s Decency, Common Sense, Energy

By Caroline Moulton

New Hampshire is blessed with an abundance of small independent farms. The best tomato I’ve ever tasted came from Tim Gallagher’s Windswept Farm in Salisbury. The eggs we get from Cedartree Farm, also in Salisbury, are so delicious that they’ve ruined eggs for me elsewhere. Donna and Phil at Huntoon Farm in Danbury have great […]

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