Representative Taken to Task for Spreading Misinformation

By Faith Minton

As a supporter of public education, I read with disappointment New Hampshire District 25 Representative Natalie Wells’ recent letter regarding public education, which in my opinion is dangerous and deliberately inaccurate.  In her letter, Representative Wells makes critical claims about children and education. Given the inaccuracies in her description of public education, I would ask […]

Infrastructure Projects Promise to Benefit Local Economies

By Mary Anne Broshek

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law on November 15, 2021. The law was approved by 50 Democrats and 19 Republicans in the Senate and 228 Democrats  and 13 Republicans in the House of Representatives. New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who was one of the 10 negotiators, published the following in […]

Parents Have a Voice in Their Children’s Education

By Judith Ackerson

This letter is specifically to the parents who feel they do not have a voice in their kids’ education.  You do have a voice, through your local school board representative.  Do you get to know who the candidates are and what their views on public education are? Do you vote for your school board representative? […]

Redistricting will Impact Votes in Both Districts 1 and 2

By Judith Ackerson

I attended the hearing of the Special Committee on Redistricting on November 9 and testified very briefly.  First, I expressed my gratitude to the Franklin City Council for having the integrity to sign on to a resolution in support of fair redistricted maps. They joined 73 other communities, representing approximately 560,848 residents of New Hampshire. […]

Louise Andrus’ View From Concord – November

By Louise Andrus

I came across a bit of history I would like to share with you.  Recently I found a copy of  The Andover Star which I used to subscribe to. The publisher was Julie Palmer Mayo and the dates of publication were from September 1988 and ended in November 1990.  Do you remember this Andover newspaper? […]

Reader Believes Representative Wells is Misinformed on CRT

By Harvey Pine, Ph.D

I am writing in response to the View from Concord, October 2021 from both State Representatives Louise Andrus and Natalie Wells. While I appreciate the unifying tone they strike and couldn’t agree more concerning the sentiments for our veterans and those currently serving our country, I disagree with the dog whistles they employ to spread […]

State Rep Believes in Individual Rights, but not the Common Good

By Janet Moore

Having re-read all of Louise Andrus’ Beacon articles, I’ve come to certain conclusions that I believe need to be shared with the public.  She likes to talk about herself; that’s for sure. She’s thrilled that she has a 100% approval rating from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance – read: libertarian – and the New Hampshire […]

Louise Andrus’ View from Concord, September 2021

By Louise Andrus

Thank you to all the great people that produce The Andover Beacon. You do a great job. In addition to all the interesting articles, advertising in the Beacon now covers many areas of services from Andover and the surrounding towns. The House, in September, held Sub Committee Work Sessions and then Executive Sessions on retained […]

Andrus’ Response to Reader’s Letter Misses the Point

By Linda Olmsted

In her September View from Concord, Ms. Andrus responded to my August opinion letter by stating that it reaffirmed her belief that her conservative approach to government is the right approach. While that approach could be debated, it was not my intent to question her beliefs or political opinions. I was questioning the fact that […]

Reader Questions Vote Against Funding Family Planning

By Mary Anne Broshek

On September 15, the New Hampshire Executive Council voted four to one to eliminate funding for three family planning centers that provide 80% of the non-abortion services under the New Hampshire Family Planning Plan.  These services include: annual exams,  birth control, cancer screenings, disease testing, and sexual abuse counseling.   This vote to defund affects over […]