Andover Community Hub Comes to the Rescue

By Nancy Robart

Many thanks to Andover Hub! In early January, I was scheduled to get my “new hip” and had planned to pick up my “assistive devices,” walker, and cane at the New London Council of Aging prior to surgery date. However, by the time I called COA, they were closed and the opportunity for pick up […]

Andover Resident Thanks Workers Who Keep Roads Cleared

By Janet Moore

Just a note of gratitude from an Andover resident to all of the people who keep our roads plowed: winter seems to have appeared for real in late January, necessitating a lot of plowing. Thanks so much to those who clear our roads (and driveways), allowing for easy, though caution-filled access, to wherever we need […]

2020 Candidate Didn’t Win, But Thanks Andover Folks

By Faith Minton

Apologies for this belated thank you to those supporters and voters for my run for New Hampshire House District 25 State Representative. Although I did not succeed in the election, I am grateful for all the help I received from people in this district’s five towns, especially the very involved folks of Andover! One of […]

Andover Post Office Receives Gratitude For Service

By Janet Moore

This is a grand shout-out to the town’s postal employees. All of you have gone above and beyond the call of duty in processing the holiday mail. From receiving and redirecting packages to delivering them at all odd hours, we thank you. For delivering holiday cards and regular mail on a steady basis through rain, […]

Absentee Ballot System Works; Extended Use Should Continue

By Judith Ackerson

As a volunteer election worker, I am upset that some New Hampshire legislators are pushing to limit absentee ballots in our state.  I can vouch for the integrity of the process as one who has been intimately involved as a volunteer for years with elections, including the most recent November election.     I am offended […]

Mario Ratzki Thanks Voters and Volunteers for Their Support

By Mario Ratzki

I want to thank all the volunteers who worked at the polls, ensuring a smooth and safe election. I also thank all the voters who participated in this grand exercise that is our American democracy. I did not win my election for County Commissioner but garnered 10,000-plus votes. I have congratulated my opponent, the Honorable […]

Ken Wells Offers Congratulations and Gratitude

By Ken Wells

I offer my congratulations to Louise Andrus for winning a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives for the 2021- 2022 term. I wish Louise the best of luck in her new roles: representing the best interests of the people of Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury before the General Court and before the House Committee […]

Natalie Wells Thanks Voters For Their Support

By Natalie Wells

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this recent election by prayers, poll standing, financial support, and your vote.  It was so great to get out and meet many of you and hear your concerns. If any of you are interested in being a part of a small Republican group, known as the Andover-Danbury-Salisbury […]

Louise Andrus Thanks Supporters for Their Confidence

By Louise Andrus

On December 2, 2020 I take the oath of office for State Representative for District 1 (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury). Thank you for your vote and your faith and confidence in me.  I am looking forward to representing you in the Legislature.     Am very excited to start the new journey. If you wish to […]

Pat Cutter was One of the Andover Community’s Greats

By Stephanie Hurlbutt

On the morning of November 16, our community lost one of the greats! Pat Cutter, an unforgettable member of our Andover Historical Society, passed away peacefully at her home with her family and personal caretaker at her side. Pat wore many hats within our community. Many of you knew her. She was a huge part […]