Report from Concord, November 2019

By Ken Wells, NH State Representative

When I was a teenager during the Cold War, I was amused by a comic strip called Spy vs. Spy. Two trenchcoated raven characters appeared only in silhouette, identical in every way yet polar opposites and mortal enemies. One was drawn black on white, and the other, white on black. They were adversaries engaged in […]

Report from Concord, October 2019

By Ken Wells, NH Representative

It looks like the fall foliage in Andover reached its moment of maximum variety; its fullest spectrum this week. I could see young maples whose lower and interior leaves held stubbornly onto their green, while yellow leaves stood out along their longest side branches, with splashes of brilliant orange and red around the treetops. Stormy […]

An Opinion About the Candidates and Their Views

By Kent Hackmann

The 2020 race in Merrimack House District 1 is underway.  Louise Andrus, the Republican candidate, associates herself with Trump Republicans.  Ken Wells, the incumbent, is the moderate Democrat. At Andover’s July 4th celebration and at Salisbury’s Old Home Day both reached out to the public and both marched in the parades.  In her announcement of […]

Political Conversation is Alive and Well in Andover

By Kent Hackmann

Letters in the May and June issues highlight two contrasting political positions.    On the moderate Democratic side, Ken Wells reported in May on his legislative activity in the New Hampshire General Court.  He has a clear commitment to measures that benefit all of us. I highlight three: Funding for education to reverse the many […]

Report from Concord

By Ken Wells & David Kerrick

With the end of June comes the end of the regular legislative schedule. The House and Senate have read each other’s bills and made their decisions to concur or reject each one of them. A huge pile of bills are sitting on Governor Sununu’s desk, awaiting his signature. If he signs a bill, it becomes […]

Did Your State Representative Really Vote on your Behalf?

By Natalie Wells

While you are going to work everyday to make a living, stay retired, State Representatives Clyde Carson, David Karrick and Ken Wells (no relation) are undermining not only your taxes but your 2nd Amendment rights, and so much more. Part of the State Budget, SB1, sponsored by Democrat Senator Dan Feltes is a Mandatory Paid […]

Keeping Taxes Low is Under Attack

By Louise Andrus

As we celebrate the 4th of July in the company of family and friends with a cookout or maybe go to a parade and fireworks, we should think about the meaning of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The 13 colonies set America free by severing ties with Great Britain. These are […]

Louise Andrus

By On Ken Wells Statements

The Andover Beacon is a great local newspaper.    I enjoy reading it each month. It is full of good local news.  But I would like to suggest maybe adding more news from the surrounding towns of Danbury, Wilmot, and Salisbury. Next,  I would like to correct a statement made in last month’s Andover Beacon from […]

Karrick Responds to Mendola and Wells

By David Karrick

Letter to the Editor or Op-ed piece: I was interested to read former SAU 65 School Board Member Joe Mendola’s letter in several local papers supporting New Hampshire Legislature candidates Natalie Wells and Terry Cox and advocating unlimited school choice. Neither Joe Mendola nor Representative Natalie Wells seem to care that State support of private […]

Representative Natalie Wells Seeks Second Term

By Natalie Wells, State Representative
Representative Natalie Wells Seeks Second Term

I thank everyone who gave me their vote of confidence two years ago to serve as your Representative. These two years have gone by very quickly, and I want to continue the momentum of what I said I would do for the constituents of Merrimack 25.   Therefore, I am seeking my 2nd term for […]

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