Louise Andrus’s View From Concord – February 2023

By Louise Andrus

Happy March.  Maple syrup season is in full swing.  Hope everyone has a great season! We are in full swing in the House.  Committee meetings which are public hearings on bills; Committee Executive Sessions on bills which is a vote by the Committee members as to how the bill is going to be passed on […]

Healthcare CEO Urges Citizens to Address Practitioner Shortage

By Jim Culhane, President and CEO

Your healthcare will be getting worse…. The healthcare system, as we know it, is moving towards collapse. I know this sounds shocking – but to people in the industry, and to many people who have accessed healthcare systems in the last year, it shouldn’t be.  At nearly every meeting I attend, either within my organization, […]

Reader Shares Legislative News that Affects Andoverites

By Mary Anne Broshek

Here are a few Legislative items that have caught my attention this month that might be of interest to Andover citizens:  New Hampshire House Bill 101 would bar voters registered as independents from voting in a primary election unless they chose a party affiliation at least four months prior. Andover Republican representative Alvin See spoke […]

Deborah Aylward’s View from Concord for January 2023

By Deborah Aylward

I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday season. I’m excited to see what the new year will bring! As your State Representative providing constituent services, please feel free to contact me anytime at: Deborah.Aylward@nullleg.state.nh.us or 603 217-7842. Did you know? House and Senate Standing Committee Meetings can be viewed online at YouTube.com/c/NHHouseofRepresentativesCommitteeStreaming. House Journal No. […]

Louise Andrus’s View from Concord for January 2023

By Louise Andrus

Happy February!  Spring is just around the corner.  We have been very fortunate to have the mild winter to date.  It has definitely helped with the heating bills. Annual school meetings, annual town meetings, and public hearings will be coming up in February and March.  Meeting dates vary from town to town.  Go to your […]

Deborah Aylward’s View from Concord, November

By Deborah Aylward

Fellow Citizens: After a long, but seriously rewarding campaign (which for me included a nine-week transfer station appearance blitz), the people have spoken and the results are in: 1. The Governor, New Hampshire Senate, and Executive Council are status quo. 2. Republicans appear to have a majority in the House (pending recounts) 201-198. 3.  Mary […]

Louise Andrus’ View from Concord, November

By Louise Andrus

I won my re-election for one of the two seats for State Representative in District 5.  Thank you to every citizen in Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, and Webster for your vote in the General Election on November 8, and for your faith in me.  If it was not for your vote, I would not have […]

Your Vote This November Helps to Determine New Hampshire’s Course

Informed voting requires researching facts

By Ken Wells

Over the past several years, we have been witnessing New Hampshire’s political system fracture into a three-party system, made confusing because two of the parties (the traditional GOP vs Free State/Liberty Alliance) claim the same “Republican” title. My grandfather was an Eisenhower Republican who founded an important national patriotic organization in Valley Forge. But grandfather’s […]

Possibility of Constitution Changes Raises Red Flags

By Karen Testerman

On the upcoming November ballot two Constitutional questions are proposed. The second question asks “Shall there be a convention to amend or revise the constitution?” This assumes that there is a problem with the founding documents. The problem is not the language or structure of the founding documents. Proponents of the Article V Constitutional Convention […]

Candidate Wants to Return to State Senate to Defend Live Free or Die

By Dan Innis

When I purchased the historic Battles Farm in Bradford a couple of years ago, I thought that running the farm would become my new full-time job. The farm had fallen into disrepair, but I saw opportunity. Generations of my family were farmers, and my background as a small businessman and professor at the University of […]