Redistricting by State Moves Andover into Larger Districts

By Ken Wells

Readers have probably heard on the evening news about “redistricting” in New Hampshire by the party controlling the State House, but have not realized the effect it will have on Andover. Future court action this summer will likely determine the final shape of New Hampshire’s Senate, Executive Council, and US Congressional districts, but the New […]

Louise Andrus’ View From Concord – May 2022

By Louise Andrus

It is time for candidates to sign up for the office they are seeking, and the time period for filing is Wednesday, June 1 through Friday, June 10.  I am a candidate for re-election in the newly-created District 5 (Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, Webster) for a second term in the New Hampshire House and will […]

Sheriff David Croft Reflects on His First Year

Adapting to the changing role of police

By David Croft

As I reflect upon my first year as the Sheriff for Merrimack County, I am humbled and honored to report to you the successes and changes that we have undergone to adapt to the changing role of police operations and services in our county, state and our country. Members of the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office […]

Louise Andrus’ View From Concord, April 2022

By Louise Andrus

In just a few weeks we can plant our main gardens. Very exciting until then to be working outside. In the April Beacon, Mary Ann Broshek wrote an opinion regarding the need for voters to pay attention to what is happening with bills, etc. in the state, and I totally agree with her. The voters […]

Louise Andrus’ View From Concord – March

By Louise Andrus

Happy April!  I have positive and exciting news to share with you.  On March 10 we held our first House Session at Representatives Hall in the State House since 2020.  Sessions were also held on March 15, 16, 17, and 31.    I was passionate about sitting in my assigned chair and being a part of […]

Lack of Knowledge About Teachers Leads to Misinformation

New Hampshire teachers rank sixth in survey

By Ken Wells

Nearly everyone in Andover with personal knowledge of our Andover Elementary/Middle School gushes about what a great place it has been for their children and how fabulous the teachers have been for their kids. Yet public schools and teachers in our town, and all across our state are under fire today. Why? New Hampshire has […]

Natalie Wells’’ View from Concord – January 2022

By Natalie Wells

It is a wonderful feeling when 400 state representatives can come together and for the most part agree on bills. Of course, most of the time, the number is usually around 375.  One of these bills was HB579 (Y-254, N-85). “Requiring Notice to the Public Before Immigration checkpoints are conducted”. I voted yes, as this […]

Louise Andrus’ View from Concord – January

By Louise Andrus

Happy February!  Maple Syrup season is just a few weeks away, and then comes spring! The House had the first sessions of 2022 on January 5 and 6 at the Doubletree in Manchester.  There was much debating and voting on bills. I am going to dedicate most of this article to several bills and the […]

Joseph Kenney’s View From Concord, November 2021

By Joseph D. Kenney

The Governor’s Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT) consists of five Executive Councilors and the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation. GACIT, along with the Regional Planning Commissions, have an initial role to provide input into the Ten-Year Highway Improvement Plan. Also, the Executive Council votes to accept and expend all federal transportation funds. GACIT […]

Broadband for All Offers A Priceless Opportunity

But it won’t happen without cooperation

By Leo Dwyer

High-speed internet is coming to rural New Hampshire. It can’t happen too soon! Before COVID-19 hit last year, residents of many Granite State communities were raising their voices about the need for 21st-century broadband so they could enjoy the kind of connectivity people in more densely populated areas take for granted. When the pandemic sent […]

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