State Legislature Meets In-Person to Take Up Bills

Partial list of bills and personal vote

By Louise Andrus

Happy Spring!  But it is not Spring this morning, March 15.  It’s only five above zero with high winds. Very cold when I went out to feed the animals. There are some patches of bare ground and muddy roads. The sap is running when it warms up enough for it to run, and some of […]

Efforts to Privatize Education Threaten Public Schools

All-inclusive learning is at risk

By Cinde Warmington

Public education is at the edge of a precipice in New Hampshire right now. Our state has some of the best public schools in the country: US News & World Report ranks our state third in the nation for pre-K to 12 education.  But this year, a well-coordinated effort in our state government is poised […]

Property Tax Increase Possible if Education Voucher Bill Passes

By Mary Anne Broshek

A prime concern for New Hampshire legislators and Governor must be to lower property taxes by undoing and preventing the  downshifting of costs to towns and cities. In the past, down shifting was done when State revenues went down.  The promise was to reinstate those funds when revenue went back up. Listed below are a […]

New State Representative Gives Overview of House Happenings

By Louise Andrus

As a State Representative the most gratifying part of the journey is listening to the citizens in hearings or reading their emails, whether for or against any given bill.  Listening or reading both sides of an issue can give a whole new perspective to an issue. To me, the Legislature is of the people, by […]

Petitioned Warrant Article Requests Support for Medicare for All

Provides health insurance for everyone

By Kent Hackmann

I’d like all Andover voters to know that I have sent a petitioned warrant article, signed by 36 fellow voters, to the Select Board for the 2021 Andover Town Meeting. The warrant article directs the Select Board to tell our Congressional delegation to work toward immediate passage of Medicare for All. The wording of the […]

Andover Parent Makes Case for Return to In-Person Learning

A group has been created to spear-head logistics

By Molly B. Morgan, M.S.

It’s 4 PM and a young girl, hair disheveled, wearing pink sweatpants, perches atop her bed, Chromebook on lap. Although based on real Andover children, let’s call her Peggy. She has hardly moved from her perch, even to eat, since 9 AM. It is Tuesday, and it is her second day of “remote learning” at […]

By Definition, the Word Democracy is Not Exclusive to any One Party

By Louise Andrus Candidate for State Representative -- Merrimack 1

In most ads I read in last month’s Beacon placed by the Democrats, they used the word “democracy” frequently.  It felt like they were saying they were the only voters interested in democracy. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines, in one case, that  democracy is: a government by the people especially rule of the majority. The word […]

“The Rest of the Story” Concerning Legislative Impacts

By Mary Anne Broshek

The stated legislative impacts in the October Louise Andrus advertisement do not tell the whole story. I picked four of the items to show the rest of the story. Background: Beginning in 2010, when Republican Bill O’Brian was Speaker of the House, many State obligations, including promised State contributions for teacher/police retirement, water, and waste […]

Stories Often Have a Deeper Truth When Fully Investigated

By Faith Minton

During this important election we are very lucky to have area publications such as The Andover Beacon which serves as a vehicle to inform our communities. I have appreciated the opportunity to share some of my experiences and views with readers, especially now when it is challenging to meet in person with folks. As a […]

Instead of the Usual Report From Concord – Voting Facts

By Ken Wells

As I write this, we are on the brink of what I’m sure will go down as one of the most-talked-about elections of our time. The United States of America, despite its struggles and faults, is arguably the oldest and most successful democracy on the planet today. A crucial feature has been our long tradition […]

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