Reader Urges Exercise Enthusiasts to Wear Reflective Clothing

By Connie Ressler

Several times lately, I have observed Andover and East Andover residents jogging or riding their bicycles. These times have been at dusk, and those individuals have not been wearing reflective clothing. Please protect yourselves. None of us want to hear of a tragedy. Reflective clothing and sneakers are widely available. Connie Ressler East Andover

Thanks a Million!

By Meg Dugan, Executive Director

It was a palooza of a day! The Wilmot Community Association’s (WCA) fifth annual Wilmotpalooza was nonstop fun. Held on September 10, fortunately, Mother Nature held off her deluge until later in the afternoon.  We couldn’t have done it without our fabulous volunteers, community partners and sponsors. Wilmot Learning Place painted faces, to the delight […]

What’s happening to Democracy?

By Lorna Carlisle

On Thursday morning, September 14, the State Board of Education held a public hearing regarding a proposal to use an outsourced “Financial Literacy” program. This would be from PragerU — an organization run by a rich person — not an accredited University. Two rooms at Granite State College were filled with attendees. The overwhelming majority […]

Uriah and Mary N. Chase Research Project Completed

By Kent Hackmann

I am delighted to report to the Andover Beacon readership that I have completed my research and essays on Mary N. Chase and her father, Uriah Chase.  I thank again the many persons who contributed to my projects.  The father and daughter belong to Andover’s history. Uriah (1820-1888), a Free Will Baptist minister, commands attention […]

Deborah Aylward’s View from Concord — August

By Deborah Aylward, State Representative

Attending several, always outstanding, events held in Andover over the summer has been a highlight of serving as a State Representative. From the Fourth of July to the Old Time Fair and the First Annual BeaconFest, I met scores of constituents having a great time, and who took the time to speak with me about […]

Louise Andrus’s View from Concord — August 

By Louise Andrus, State Representative

Happy September. Thank you to every volunteer and vendor that made BeaconFest a success.  It was a great day! I know each of you worked very hard to make it possible. The Merrimack County Republican Committee had a booth. I met and spoke with some great people that stopped at the booth.  Thank you to […]

Update on Mary N. Chase Research Efforts


By Kent Hackmann

Thank you, readers, who answered my call for information about Mary N. Chase, when she lived in Andover, from 1899 to 1942. Thanks, too, to Luan Clark, curator of the Andover Historical Society, and other helpful members of the AHS. She introduced me to a local history treasure trove stored in the J. C. Emmons […]

Making Local Democracy Work Requires Participation


By Ken Wells

I think it’s important to realize that our local government in Andover works differently than it does in Concord or Washington, because the rules are different. In just a couple paragraphs, I will try to outline how democracy, “people’s rule,” is set up to work in Andover, focusing particularly on local lawmaking. If you want […]

“Geese on the Beach” Project Proves Successful


By Janet Eklund

The combined efforts to keep the Canada Geese off the Town Beach and out of Chaffee Park paid off this summer. What a difference a year can make. Geese are not there. Thank you to our Town Selectboard, Road Agent and Highway Department, the Highland Lake Protective Association, private landowners, and the East Andover Preschool […]

Planning Board Invites Public Participation in Master Planning

Input from businesses and organizations needed

By Ken Wells, Chair Andover Planning Board

Andover’s 2013 Master Plan has reached its 10-year sunset, so for the past several months the Planning Board’s Master Planning subcommittee, chaired by Jake Gilman, has been meeting with townspeople to update our shared vision of Andover’s future for the coming decade. Andover businesses and organizations are also a vital part of our community. We […]