Do Your Part to Keep Andover’s Many Lakes Healthy

Helpful Tips from NH Lakes Assoc.

Press release

This helpful information from the New Hampshire Lakes Association is being offered by the Andover Conservation Commission to bring attention to ways Andover residents can play a part in keeping their lakes healthy. Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are all drawn to our lakes. All of us need to do what we […]

Beacon Readers Ask for Resources to Create Pollinator Habitats

Response to author's April article

By Mary Anne Broshek

Last month I wrote about the importance of creating habitat for pollinators and Doug Tallamy’s ideas for establishing  Home Grown National Parks.  Based on questions I received from Beacon readers’ here are some resources for getting plants, advice, and preschool through grade 12 project grants. Milkweed: Usually I collect milkweed pods in the fall, but […]

Plant Your Yard to Help Nature Survive and Thrive

How to attract beneficial insects

By Mary Anne Broshek

A recent book by Doug Tallamy, Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Own Yard, takes a close look at what is happening to our natural world and provides specific actions people can take in their own yards to create wildlife habitats.  These are simple steps that anyone can do […]

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