Andover Police Department March 2021

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 292 calls for service during March, including: Alarm – Business:  3 Assist Citizen:  6 Assist Fire:  6 Assist Motorist:  8 Assist Police:  7 Road Hazard/Obstruction:  19 Suspicious Circumstances:  2 Theft: 1 Traffic Arrest: 4 Traffic Citation: 10 Traffic Warning: 96 Welfare Check:  1 Arrests Thomas Taylor, 34, Andover: Warrants for […]

Property Tax Relief is Available to Some Homeowners

Filing deadline is June 30

By Bonnie Wesley

Property Tax Relief is available through the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration. The program is open from May 1 to June 30. You may be eligible for relief on the State Education portion of your property taxes if you can answer yes to the following questions: Do you own a homestead subject to the […]

Deputy Town Clerk Employment Opportunity Available

Candidate must be Andover resident

By Bonnie Wesley

There is an opportunity for employment in the Town Clerk’s office for a Deputy Town Clerk. You must be an Andover resident.  Please send a letter of interest to  This job is a minimum of 15 hours a week with flexible days. The work involves motor vehicle registrations; birth, death, divorce, and marriage certificates; […]

All Dogs Must Be Licensed by April 30

By Bonnie Wesley

Dog licenses are available at the Town Clerk’s office. All dogs must be licensed by April 30. License fees are as follows: Puppy under 6 months: $6.50 Adult dogs (altered): $6.50     Unaltered dogs: $9.00 Group (five or more): $20.00 Senior dog parents: $2.00 for first dog I will have a dog license clinic […]

Remember Rules When Sprucing Up Cemetery Plots

Landscaping needs prior approval

By Cheryl Swenson
Remember Rules When Sprucing Up Cemetery Plots

With the warm days we had in mid-March, it is easy to get spring fever.  I anticipate yard work, cleaning up the flower beds, and planning what flowers to plant.  And it is not just our own yards we anticipate sprucing up, but also many people plan to work on their family cemetery plots. With […]

Andover Police Department February Response Statistics

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 209 Calls for Service during February, including: Abandoned Vehicle: 2 Assist Motorist: 9 Assist Police: 8 Civil Issue/Stand-by: 4 Dog Loose: 4 Domestic Dispute: 3 Manner of Operation: 5 OHRV Complaint: 2 Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Incident: 3 Traffic Offense-Citation: 6 Traffic Offense-Warning: 51 Warrant-Criminal/Civil: 2 ARRESTS: • James Bledsoe, age 40, Tilton: […]

New Four Wheel Drive Ambulance Acquired by Andover EMS

Anticipated date of service mid-April

By Andrew Perkins
New Four Wheel Drive Ambulance Acquired by Andover EMS

Andover EMS has purchased a new ambulance. Our current ambulance has served Andover well for eighteen years, but age and many hard miles have taken its toll. The 2003 Ford E350 Road Rescue has several mechanical issues, and rust is lifting the paint in the wheel wells. Our team is concerned about the reliability of […]

The Words “Under Control” Are Not Used Lightly

This applies to fire emergencies and COVID

By Rene Lefebvre

There is an important term that firemen use: “Under Control.”  Those two words carry huge meaning during an emergency incident and are not used lightly.  What they mean is that the incident, though not complete, is not likely to get worse or require additional resources.   For neighboring communities, the term means that manpower that is […]

Andover Police Department January 2021

The Andover Police Department handled 275 calls for service during January, including: Abandoned Vehicle: 2 Civil Issue/Stand-by: 5 Dogs Loose: 2 Dog Barking: 1 Fraud: 2 Manner of Operation: 5 Road Hazard/Obstruction: 2 Suspicious Circumstances: 4 Theft: 3 Traffic Offense Citation: 11 Traffic Offense Warning: 61 Vehicle off the road, no damage: 2 ARRESTS: Jordan […]

Andover Fire Department Seeks New Volunteers

Help needed for both Fire and EMS departments

By Lieutenant Andrew Perkins

With culture shifting, are you home more? Have you recently moved to town, changed careers, children have grown and gone, want a new challenge or just a great connection to the local people? Have you ever wanted to help your neighbors when they are in need?  Now may be a good time to consider joining […]

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