Andover Fire Department Invites Public to First Open House

Includes Touch-a-Truck event; October 15

By Shawna Otis

All are welcome to attend the Andover Fire Department’s first annual Open House and Touch-a-Truck event on Saturday, October 15, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Meet our firefighters and EMTs. The fire department will be open to the public, with lunch and snacks, goodies for the kids, games for all, giveaways, and demonstrations throughout […]

Volunteers Scrub and Clean Gravestones at Philbrick Cemetery

Group invites others to join in on October 8 and 15

Volunteers Scrub and Clean Gravestones at Philbrick Cemetery

A group of eight hard working individuals gathered at Philbrick Cemetery at Old College Road and Maple Street to scrub and clean each gravestone and foot stone in this old graveyard.  What a difference a few hours make!  Drive by and take a look. We will be meeting again on Wednesday, September 28, at 9 […]

Cemetery Trustees Seek Volunteers to Help Clean Gravestones

Workdays are September 17 and 28, 9 to noon

By Cheryl Swenson

Geologist Don Hilton said, “All rock begins to weather from the moment it is removed from the earth.”  Weathering from rain and wind, as well as lichen growth can make the names and dates on our local gravestones difficult to read. A damaged gravestone means a loss of family, community, and cultural history.  We can’t […]

Andover Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre Receives 2022 Dedication

Annual recognition given by Fourth of July Committee

Press release
Andover Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre Receives 2022 Dedication

Each year the Andover Fourth of July Committee chooses an outstanding volunteer to receive the annual dedication. This year, they are very pleased to announce their choice of Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre. The following text appeared in the booklet printed by the Committee for the celebration: Andover is very fortunate that Rene Lefebvre made East […]

Andover Steps Up for An Amazing 80th Fourth of July Celebration

Thank you to all the valued volunteers

Press release
Andover Steps Up for An Amazing 80th Fourth of July Celebration

We’re back! Andover stepped up for another amazing Independence Day Celebration. The weather could not have been better. Spirits were high as the town turned out to make this 80th celebration one for the record books. Non-profits reported brisk sales of raffle tickets and refreshments. They could barely keep up. We had some of our […]

Town Needs Volunteers to Serve on Committees and Boards

Andover is fortunate to have helpful residents

By Marjorie Roy

Andover is truly fortunate to have residents who volunteer to serve on committees and boards, beautify the landscape, provide rides to those who need them, staff a genuinely nice Thrift and Gift Shop, put on one heck of a great Fourth of July celebration … the list goes on.  We thank you all! We still […]

New Hampshire Primary is September 13; Residents Urged to Vote

Supervisors of the Checklist Public Session September 3

By Lee Wells

The New Hampshire Primary Election is on Tuesday, September 13. As a recent article in the New York Times about events in Croydon pointed out, one of the enemies of democracy is complacency.  Don’t take democracy for granted: be informed, be involved, and vote! You may register to vote at Town Hall up until Saturday, […]

Notice of Public Session: Corrections to the Voter Checklist

Press release

The Voter Checklist for Andover will be posted at the Andover Town Office for public review by Tuesday, August 16. A public session of the Supervisors of the Checklist will be held on Saturday, September 3, at 10 AM at the Andover Town Office to make any necessary corrections to the Voter Checklist. This public […]

Town Officials Offer Thanks to Jon and Joane Champagne

They stepped in to help where needed

By Marjorie Roy and Andover Select Board

Thank you, Jon Champagne! A long overdue “Thank you!” goes out to Jon and Joane Champagne.  In the Town’s time of need, Jon stepped up to be Road Agent for two years and, of course, that meant Joane stepped up to do the required bookkeeping and recordkeeping. Small town America was built on neighbor helping […]

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