The Words “Under Control” Are Not Used Lightly

This applies to fire emergencies and COVID

By Rene Lefebvre

There is an important term that firemen use: “Under Control.”  Those two words carry huge meaning during an emergency incident and are not used lightly.  What they mean is that the incident, though not complete, is not likely to get worse or require additional resources.   For neighboring communities, the term means that manpower that is […]

Andover Police Department January 2021

The Andover Police Department handled 275 calls for service during January, including: Abandoned Vehicle: 2 Civil Issue/Stand-by: 5 Dogs Loose: 2 Dog Barking: 1 Fraud: 2 Manner of Operation: 5 Road Hazard/Obstruction: 2 Suspicious Circumstances: 4 Theft: 3 Traffic Offense Citation: 11 Traffic Offense Warning: 61 Vehicle off the road, no damage: 2 ARRESTS: Jordan […]

Andover Fire Department Seeks New Volunteers

Help needed for both Fire and EMS departments

By Lieutenant Andrew Perkins

With culture shifting, are you home more? Have you recently moved to town, changed careers, children have grown and gone, want a new challenge or just a great connection to the local people? Have you ever wanted to help your neighbors when they are in need?  Now may be a good time to consider joining […]

Andover Police Department, November 2020

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 228 calls for service during November, including: Assist Ambulance/Rescue: 5 Assist Citizen: 5 Assist Motorist: 2 Assist Police: 4 Manner of Operation: 4 Sexual Assault: 1 Suspicious Circumstances: 7 Traffic Accident: 1 Traffic Arrest: 2 Traffic Citation: 8 Traffic Warning: 41 Welfare Check: 4 Arrests Lucas Gibbs, 40, Franklin: Driving […]

Andover Police Department, December 2020

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 168 calls for service during December, including: Abandoned Vehicle: 1 Assist Motorist: 4 Manner of Operation: 2 Motor Vehicle Repossession: 1 Road Hazard/Obstruction: 4 Suspicious Circumstances: 3 Traffic Accident: 4 Traffic Arrest: 3 Traffic Citation: 5 Traffic Warning: 25 Warrant, Criminal/Civil: 1 Welfare Check: 5 Arrests Andrew Labonte, 31, Danbury: […]

2020 Was a Year of Changes at the Town Clerk’s Office

13 elected Town positions to fill

By Bonnie Wesley

What a year it has been!  Beginning in March we had to close down the office for a bit and re-opened by appointment only.  That has been keeping me in shape by having to run out to the parking lot for each appointment, sometimes as many as six times for each appointment.   Things got better […]

Planning Board Minutes – October 13, 2020

By Lisa Meier

APPROVED Planning Board Minutes October 13, 2020 Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis and in accordance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, this Board is authorized to meet electronically.  The public has access to contemporaneously listen and participate in this meeting through the video. Members present: Art Urie, Chair; John Hodgson; […]

Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – October 29, 2020

By Lee Wells

Special Meeting about White Oak Wetland Marking Condensed from draft minutes Present: Jesse Schust, Tina Cotton, Jerry Hersey, Lee Wells, Alan McIntyre Tina has found the names of several wetlands scientists in case Earle Chase cannot do it. Jesse has contacted Earle, and he thinks he can do it.  We have approved $300 for White […]

Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – October 14, 2020

By Lee Wells

Condensed from approved minutes. Present: Jesse Schust, Jerry Hersey, Lee Wells, Tina Cotton, Nancy Robart 2021 Budget: We can submit a budget based on the 2020 budget – was in Town Report. Beaver Deceiver expenses are in the Town budget. Current budget $1,300. $225 for New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissioners, $100 for Ausbon Sargent […]

Jessica Rand Fills Opening Left by Lois Magenau

Position filled by Andover resident

By Marjorie M Roy
Jessica Rand Fills Opening Left by Lois Magenau

We are happy to welcome Jessica Rand to the Town Office.  Jessica and her family live in Andover.  She grew up spending summer vacation at her grandparents’ summer home here and is happy to be a full-time resident of Andover. Jessica has an extensive bookkeeping background and great communication skills.  She has joined us at […]

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