Town Minutes for June 2013

Board of Selectmen June 3 June 17 Planning Board June 11 June 25 Zoning Board of Adjustment June 19 Recreation Committee June 11 Conservation Commission June 12 School Board June 4

Town Minutes for May 2013

Board of Selectmen May 6 May 20 Planning Board May 14 May 28 Zoning Board of Adjustment May 21 Recreation Committee May 14 Conservation Commission May 8 School Board May 7

Board of Selectmen Minutes, April 15, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Meeting opened at 6 PM by Chairperson Mishcon. Present: Danforth, Coolidge, Mishcon, Roy, Champagne, Don Gross, Chris Norris, Arch Weathers, Reggie Roy The Board signed the Tax Anticipation Note. Road Agent Report Today the crew cleaned up Maple Street ditches. The ice on the roads last Friday required sand. Jon just received a “slew” of […]

Board of Selectmen Minutes, March 18, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

The meeting was opened at 6:09 PM by Chairperson Mishcon. Those present: Selectmen Mishcon, Danforth, Coolidge, Town Administrator Roy. Newly elected Selectman Duncan Coolidge was introduced and welcomed to the Board. Selectman Danforth nominated Selectman Mishcon as chair of the Board for the 2013-2014 year. Coolidge seconded the nomination. Mishcon accepted. The Town Administrator called […]

Conservation Commission Minutes, April 16, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Jerry Hersey, Tina Cotton, Mary Anne Broshek, guest, Frank Baker Approve March Minutes The March minutes were approved as amended. Mary Anne will revise and send to members and Beacon. Treasurer’s Report Tina advises that all accounts will be turned over to the Town Treasurer, Shirley Currier. The New Hampshire Association of State Conservation […]

Board of Selectmen, April 1, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

April 1 Present: Selectpersons Mishcon, Danforth, and Coolidge; Town Administrator Roy Road Agent’s Report Neil Delorey came in to ask about the Hart property. He would like to buy the property because his wife has emotional ties to the small building on the property since she played there as a child. The BoS stated they […]

Town Minutes for April 2013

Board of Selectmen April 1 April 15 Planning Board April 9 April 23 Zoning Board of Adjustment April 16 Recreation Committee April 9 Conservation Commission April 16 School Board April 2

Recreation Committee, March 5, 2013

Condensed from draft minutes

Present: Committee members Justin Carey, Nicole Donovan, Tom Frantz, Christine Frost, Ellie George, Howard George, Alan Hanscom, Tim Norris, Brian Reynolds, and Kurt Weber. The meeting focused primarily on the design and construction materials of the Blackwater recreation building as detailed below. Design: Stickbuilt Siding: Hardyplank Roof: 30 year shingles Mechanical: Space for electrical, water, […]

Conservation Commission, March 13, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Members Larry Chase, Nan Kaplan, Tina Cotton, Sandra Graves, Jerry Hersey (acting chair); member-designee Jason Dudek; visitors Frank Baker, Pat Moyer. Excused absent: Mary Anne Broshek (chair). February minutes were approved as amended. A mailing forwarded by the Town Administrator asked the Andover Conservation Commission (ACC) to consider donating a scholarship to allow a […]

Town Minutes for March 2013

Here are the minutes for Town committee meetings that took place in March 2013. Board of Selectmen March 5 March 18 Planning Board March 12 March 26 Zoning Board of Adjustment March 19 Recreation Committee March 12 Conservation Commission March 13 School Board March 5 meeting canceled due to storm

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