Alvin See – Candidate for Merrimack District 26

By Alvin See
Alvin See – Candidate for Merrimack District 26

I am Alvin See and am running for State Representative in District 26. Currently serving on the Loudon Zoning Board,  when elected, I will be a conservative voice for the citizens of this district. Inflation is one of the many concerning issues affecting citizens this year, with huge increases in the prices for both fuel […]

David Nesbitt – Candidate for State Rep Merrimack 26

By David Nesbitt

My name is David Nesbitt, and I am running to represent the Merrimack 26th floterial district.                 I am a New Hampshire native, brought up in a military family and thus experienced life in different parts of America and Western Europe.  As a result, I approach problems with […]

Governor Chris Sununu – Candidate for Reelection 

By Chris Sununu
Governor Chris Sununu – Candidate for Reelection 

Today in New Hampshire, unemployment is at its lowest rate in history, and we had the fastest growing economy in the nation last quarter by GDP growth. Throughout the COVID pandemic, New Hampshire was rated the #1 state for personal freedoms while also having one of the lowest death rates in the nation. We let […]

Tom Sherman – Candidate for Governor

By Dr. Tom Sherman
Tom Sherman – Candidate for Governor

I am Dr. Tom Sherman, a State Senator from the Seacoast and the Democratic nominee for Governor. I found my passion for service when I was working as an EMT during high school. That passion for service has fueled my career as a doctor and as a legislator.  Over the course of 35 years as […]

Cinde Warmington – Candidate for Executive Councilor

By Cinde Warmington
Cinde Warmington – Candidate for Executive Councilor

For the past two years, I have been the lone Democrat on the Executive Council fighting to protect public health, ensure reproductive freedom, and reduce everyday costs for working families. During that time, I have proven that one voice at the Council table can make a real difference for Granite Staters. I came to this […]

Mike Cryans – Candidate for Executive Councilor

By Mike Cryans
Mike Cryans – Candidate for Executive Councilor

My name is Mike Cryans, and I am running to be your District 2 Executive Councilor.  From 2019 to 2021, I served in the Democratic majority on the Executive Council.  Prior to that, I was a Grafton County Commissioner for 19 years.  My work life helped me as a Councilor, as I was a teacher, […]

Andover Town Clerk/Tax Collector Corner

I hope everyone has had a great summer!  Things here at the office are on an even keel.  I am looking to hire a Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector, so if you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please contact me. Just a friendly reminder that there are a lot of residents that […]

Cost of Electricity and Goods in Andover Increases – It’s Not Inflation

Law of supply and demand doesn't always apply

By Ken Wells

Prices for gasoline, food, building materials, electricity, and all sorts of consumer products have climbed steeply for more than a year. Why? Economists say “the law of supply and demand” determines prices of all ordinary goods on the market. “Supply” depends on how much merchandise is produced and can reach the market. “Demand” is a […]

New Hampshire Legislature Changes Districts for 2022 Elections

Andover is in House District 5, Senate District 7

By Mary Anne Broshek

Every 10 years, the New Hampshire Legislature determines what towns and cities are in each district for the New Hampshire House and Senate, the US House and Senate, and the New Hampshire Executive Council.  You can view all of these new districts on the New Hampshire Secretary of State website at    New Hampshire House […]

Deputy Moderator Outlines Important Information for Primary

Don't forget to bring a photo ID!

By Lee Wells

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, September 13. Voting will be at AE/MS from 8 AM to 7 PM. Please don’t forget to bring a photo id! You will receive the Primary Ballot that corresponds with your party registration.  If you need to check your registration, please go to the Secretary of State’s website at  […]

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