Todd Goings Runs for Board of Selectmen Position

Lifelong Andover resident who believes in town involvement

By Todd Goings

Hi, I’m Todd Goings and I am running for Board of Selectman.   I  have lived in Andover all my life, and currently work here. Through the years I have watched Andover go through changes, some of which made me decide to get involved in how the town operates. I am currently on the Budget […]

Moderator’s Guidelines for Town Meeting 2020

By Jon Mishcon

Warrant articles will be moved by a member of the Select Board or of the Budget Committee, then I will ask for a second from the floor. All motions will be moved so that a “Yes” vote adopts the motion. When commenting, please speak into the microphone and start with your name. Please address comments […]

Recommended Budget is up by 4.6 Percent

School up 3.2 percent; Town up 7.7 percent

By Arch Weathers

The Andover Budget Committee recommends budgets for 2020 (net of expenses that are funded by non-tax sources) as follows: Net Budgets 2019 2020 change pct School $5,655,656 $5,837,386 $181,730 3.2% Town $2,135,236 $2,299,611 $164,375 7.7% Fire $137,440 $162,788 $25,348 18.4% TOTAL $7,928,332 $8,299,785 $371,453 4.6% What effect this increase in budgetary spending will have on […]

Bond Issue Requirements for Consideration at Town Meeting 2020

By Jon Mishcon, Town Moderator

The town of Andover may consider one, or more, bond issues at Town Meeting on March 10. As Town Moderator, I want to ensure that everyone understands how a bond is handled that differs from the usual warrant article expense. There must be at least one public hearing for any bond issue in excess of […]

2020 Proposed Town Budget Breakdown and Explanations

Items include Transfer Station and accounting updates

By Marj Roy, Town Administrator

There are many people involved in the Town budget process. It all begins in late fall when the Select Board meets with department heads to draft department budgets. Next comes the Budget Committee’s process that starts with department head, Town precinct, and School District meetings.  As the process continues, the School District, the Town, and […]

Andover School District Warrant for March 2, 2020

By Andover School Board

To the inhabitants of the School District in the Town of Andover qualified to vote in District affairs: You are hereby notified to meet at the Andover Elementary/Middle School Gymnasium in said District on Monday, the 2nd day of March 2020, at 7:00 p.m. to act upon the following subjects: ARTICLE 1.  To see if […]

Town Election Day 2020 – Candidates

List of people who have signed a declaration of intent to run

By Bonnie Wesley, Town Clerk

Town Election Day is March 10, 2020. The following people have signed a declaration of intent to run for town office: • Positions on the Ballot: Term Name Expires • Selectman 3 years Todd Goings   2023 • Treasurer 2 years Shirley Currier   2022 • Trustee of Trust Funds 3 years none   2023 […]