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This report looks at all the posts for the last 90 days. It shows which posts are featured on which days (starting with today and looking ahead forever) so you can be sure we have enough but not too much to feature on a given day.

You can also check for these other errors:

  • A Featured post that has no dates
  • A post that has a date but is not marked Featured (once you enter a date, you can never go back to “no date”)
  • A post that is not Featured, but should be. 

ERRORS: Featured, But No Date(s)

ERRORS: One or More Date(s), But Not Featured

Feat StartThru Title
false 4/11/20 Thank You For Supporting The Carbon Cash-Back Warrant Article
false 3/6/20 A Vote for Dan Feltes Means A Vote For All Citizens
false 4/11/20 The Virus Doesn't Discriminate - We Are All In This Together

Featured-Thru Report

Feat StartThru Title
true 3/28/20 Thrift and Gift Shop Closed Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19
true 3/29/20 April Services and Events Uncertain for South Danbury Church
true 3/29/20 Retirement Party for Pastor John Wagner Attended by 100 People
true 3/30/20 The Andover Libraries Are Closed Due to the COVID-19 Virus
true 3/30/20 Its Official Ice-Out Called on Highland Lake on March 27
true 3/31/20 AE/MS Teachers Prepare Lessons For Remote Learning
true 3/31/20 Proctor Acts Swiftly to Protect Everyone From COVID-19 Exposure
true 3/31/20 Chapin Senior Center - March 2020 Program List
true 3/31/20 Local Area Republican Meeting Scheduled for March 31
true 4/1/20 New London Hospital Enacts New Visitation Rules
true 4/1/20 Jon Mishcon Steps Down as Moderator; Gives Suggestions
true 4/2/20 Andover Police Department Report for February 2020
true 4/2/20 A Heartfelt Thank You To Jon Mishcon and David Blinn
true 4/3/20 Kids' Ice Fishing Derby on Eagle Pond Nets 42 Fish
true 4/4/20 Andover Home Sales Slow in February; Pick Up in March
true 4/5/20 Victor Maguire Stewart
true 4/6/20 A Vote for Dan Feltes Means A Vote For All Citizens
true 4/6/20 Roger Champagne March 7, 2020
true 4/7/20 New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Response to COVID-19
true 4/7/20 New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Members To Receive 26 Percent Rate Reduction
true 4/7/20 Voters Approve Increases for Forest Fire Equipment; 4th of July
true 4/7/20 Around The World With The Beacon
true 4/7/20 Michelle Dudek Accepts Vacant Selectboard Position
true 4/8/20 John Kinney Is Appointed To Fill Vacant Select Board Position
true 4/8/20 AE/MS Class of 2020
true 4/8/20 Todd Goings Wants to Be a Part of Change as New Selectman
true 4/9/20 Students Learn About Gardening and Prepare for May Art Show
true 4/9/20 FIDO Bag Donation Is A Lifesaver For Pets In An Emergency
true 4/10/20 New School Board Member Brandon Adams Sworn In
true 4/10/20 Apply For A Scholarship To Attend The Becoming An Outdoors-Woman Workshop
true 4/10/20 A Concerned Citizen Warns of COVID-19 Device Scams
false 4/11/20 Thank You For Supporting The Carbon Cash-Back Warrant Article
false 4/11/20 The Virus Doesn't Discriminate - We Are All In This Together
true 4/11/20 Lake Sunapee VNA Responding to COVID-19 Challenges
true 4/11/20 Instructions For Using The Libby App To Read Books Online
true 4/12/20 AE/MS Thanks Andover Road Crew for Going The Extra Mile
true 4/12/20 Lauraine A. (Frego) Visconti March 14, 2020
true 4/12/20 Grant to Historical Society Will Support Caboose Repair
true 4/12/20 Attend a Restorative Spring Yoga Workshop at the Hub
true 4/12/20 A Welcome and A Thank You From The Town Office Staff
true 4/13/20 Bachelder Library New Book List For April Reading
true 4/13/20 Andover Library New Acquisitions for March 2020
true 4/14/20 COVID-19 Updates and Reference Guide for Small Businesses
true 4/15/20 Andover Libraries April 2020 Newsletter
true 4/15/20 Results of Voting on Warrant Articles at 2020 Town Meeting
true 4/15/20 Election Results From The 2020 Andover Town Meeting
true 4/15/20 School Budget of $5,941,221 Adopted; New AE/MS Principal Announced
true 4/16/20 Wild About the 4th - of July that is; Plan Your Float Now
true 4/16/20 Through the Reading Glasses April 2020
true 4/16/20 New Andover Residents Are Greeted With Welcome Bags
true 4/16/20 Sign Up For Beginning Tai Chi, Or For Second Level Classes
true 4/16/20 Picture of Portsmouth School Found in 1896 The Granite Monthly
true 4/16/20 Access to Town Offices Limited Due to Coronavirus
true 4/17/20 Third Friday Coffeehouse Event Cancelled For April
true 4/18/20 Spencer Topel has Sound Art Installation at Proctor
true 4/18/20 Social Distancing Tutorial Is Given By The Franklin VNA
true 4/18/20 March! On The Northern Rail Trail, The Perfect Place to Stay Healthy
true 4/26/20 Kearsarge Chorale Performs Works of 20th, 21st Century Composers
true 5/22/20 Lee Woodman Remembers Life in India and in Andover
false Noise Ordinance Warrant Article Passage A Win for Andover Citizens
false Report From Concord - March 15, 2020
false East Andover Village Shown in an Old Postcard
false Elizabeth C Whitman, March 15, 2020
false April is National Poetry Day at the Wilmot Public Library
false Planning Board Minutes (approved) January 28, 2020
false Andover Conservation Commission Draft (unapproved) Minutes - February 12, 2020
false Logging Complaints and New Hampshire Law
false Behind the Carbon Cash Back Warrant Article
false Richard Baker Budge - February 19, 2020
false Select Board Approved Minutes - February 3, 2020
false No Special Relationship With Private Enterprise
false Recommended Budget is up by 4.6 Percent
false Proctor Students' Artwork Exhibited at AVA Gallery
false Proctor Outdoor Center Celebrates Official Opening
false Kidney Health is Important to Your Wellbeing
false Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon Features Two Vocalists
false Historical Society Presents Railroad Exhibit All Summer
false Select Board Approved Minutes January 21, 2020
false Andover Conservation Commission Final Minutes - January 15, 2020
false Andover School Board Minutes, January 7, 2020
false Clarifying the Facts About the New Coronavirus
false John Moore, February 4, 2020
false Some Realistic Facts
false Andover Conservation Commission Final Minutes, November 13, 2019
false Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, December 10, 2019
false Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, November 26, 2019
false Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, November 12, 2019
false Andover Select Board January 6, 2019 Approved Minutes
false Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, October 22,2019
false Andover Select Board Approved Minutes, December 16, 2019
false Is It Time to Put a Price on Pollution?
false Mary Jane Whitcomb, January 15, 2020
false Head of School Announces Retirement
false Meeting Minutes, Draft, January 15, 2020
false Andover Conservation Commission Final Minutes, November 6, 2019
false Andover Select Board Approved Minutes, December 2, 2019
false Andover School Board Minutes, December 3, 2019
false News and Upcoming Enrollment
false 8th Grade Takes Action
false World Peace Through Art at AE/MS
false Eagle Eyes Come to AE/MS
false Second Graders Relax on a Snofa
false Sixth Graders Read the Incredible Journey
false Middle School Dance Hosted by Eighth Grader
false Robert Alan Elenowitz, January 14, 2020
false Herman William Cohen, January 6, 2020
false E Jane Thompson Currier-December 18, 2019
false Christopher Bray Todd-January 2, 2020
false Carol Lee Andrus-December 28, 2019
false New London Hospital Appoints New CEO
false Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy
false Chapin Senior Center - February Program List
false Andover Library New Acquisitions December 2019
false Acreage Added to Conservation Land in Danbury
false Ronald F Walsh-December 5, 2019
false Palmer "Pinky" Porter-December 28, 2019

Guidelines for Picking a “Featured Thru” Date

Don’t Feature

In general, these types of articles aren’t worth featuring. But any time you think an exception is justified for a particular article, that’s fine!

  1. Letters, Op-Eds, and Minutes of any kind
  2. Events in the past that didn’t happen in Andover
  3. General news from organizations that aren’t in Andover
  4. Obituaries of people who never lived in Andover (unless the service is in the future and is in an area church)

Inflexible Dates

Articles that are about an event, a deadline, an effective date, etc. that is in the future should always be featured, and picking the Featured Thru (FT) is pretty much inflexible:

  1. If the article is about an event, etc. that takes place in the future, then the FT date should be the date of the event. But if there’s a “sign-up-by” date for the event, then FT should be the sign-up-by date instead of the event date.
  2. If the article is about multiple events in the future, then FT should be the earliest date (or sign-up-by date) of all the events.


Anything that’s interesting and/or important to our readers, but whose interest and/or importance will fade as the days go by, should be featured sooner rather than later. And the more interesting and/or important, the sooner it should be featured. Examples: Results of Town Meeting or elections; changes at the Town Hall; interesting new plans or ideas from a committee or org; etc.

Flexible Dates

Everything else that’s not covered above can be featured, but you’ll want to pick each article’s FT based not on anything in the article, but based on the current array of FT dates in this report. (In other words, these featured articles act as “filler” to keep the front page of the website looking fresh.)

The goals in selecting flexible dates are:

  1. To have at least one article assigned to every day over the next couple of weeks so that we know the front page of the website will never be exactly the same two days in a row.
  2. To have no more than about 3 or 4 articles assigned to a given date (if possible), so every featured article gets to appear in the featured section for at least 2 or 3 days.

That said, there are a few things to consider that will help you pick the best date for a given article:

  1. If any days in the next two weeks have no articles featured, then assign this article to the first date that has no articles.
  2. Otherwise, if the article is about an event in the past, assign it to the first available day that doesn’t already have 3 or 4 articles assigned to it.
  3. Otherwise, if it’s early in the content cycle, pick the day that currently has the fewest articles assigned to it.
  4. As it gets later in the content cycle, consider selecting the next day beyond the most distant day that currently has an article assigned to it.

Problem Solving

  1. If you’ve already got 3 or 4 articles featured on a given date, and now you need to add another because its FT is inflexible, then look at the others for that date. If one of them has a flexible FT date, then change it to a different flexible FT date (click the article’s link; change the date; Update; refresh this FT report). If they’re all inflexible dates, then consider moving the least important one a day or two later (or even earlier, if you have to).
  2. If you need to “unfeature” an article, for whatever reason, you can’t just delete its FT date (long story … don’t ask). Instead, change its FT date to 1/1/01, which means its window to be featured has passed (years ago!).