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This report looks at all the posts for the last 90 days. It shows which posts are featured on which days (starting with today and looking ahead forever) so you can be sure we have enough but not too much to feature on a given day.

You can also check for these other errors:

  • A Featured post that has no dates
  • A post that has a date but is not marked Featured
  • A post that is not Featured, but should be. (In general, only obituaries and minutes wouldn’t be featured.)

ERRORS: Featured, But No Date(s)

ERRORS: One or More Date(s), But Not Featured

Feat StartThru Title
false 1/15/20 Toxic bacteria in Hopkins Pond

Featured-Thru Report

Feat StartThru Title
true 1/25/20 Snowmobile Club Holds Annual Italian Buffet 
true 1/25/20 Announcements From Town Clerk's Office
true 1/25/20 Art Salon at the Hub
true 1/31/20 Positions for Town Ballot Elections 2020
true 1/31/20 Wanted: Candidates For Town Boards And Committees
true 2/01/20 AE/MS Holds Annual Holiday Shoppe
true 2/1/20 Learn the History of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary
true 2/2/20 Deer Pool Results Announced
true 2/2/20 JOSA Features Saxophonist Dan Moretti
true 2/2/20 Anyone Can Write a Warrant Article for Town Meeting or School District Meeting
true 2/3/20 Volunteers Ensure Craft Fair's Success
true 2/4/20 Peggy Hutter is Retiring
true 2/5/20 Featured Performers Play at Coffeehouse
true 2/6/20 Andover Service Club News and Announcements
true 2/6/20 Christmas Boxes Presented to Veterans
true 2/7/20 Lady Eagles Make Impressive Shot
true 2/7/20 Boys Cheer at Girls Basketball Game
true 2/7/20 2018 Film "Paris to Pittsburgh"
true 2/7/20 Film Portrays Ruth Bader Ginsburg
true 2/7/20 American Legion Post 101 Announces Award
true 2/8/20 Weatherize Kearsarge Presentation Offered
true 2/8/20 February News and Worship Schedule
true 2/9/20 Pizza & Ideas at the Hub
true 2/9/20 New Art Exhibits Coming to Proctor
true 2/10/20 Donations to The Andover Beacon Slip by 10% in 2019
true 2/10/20 Spelling Bee Competition Heats Up
true 2/10/20 Kearsarge Area Senior Luncheon
true 2/10/20 Andover Lions Receive Visit From District Governor
true 2/10/20 Local Artisans Exhibit Their Crafts
true 2/10/20 Bachelder Library New Acquisitions December 2019
true 2/10/20 Through the Reading Glasses February 2020
true 2/11/20 Voters Asked to Consider Changes
true 2/11/20 Warrant Article Receives Signatures
true 2/11/20 Area Democrats Meet to Discuss Primary
true 2/11/20 January Newsletter
true 2/12/20 Andover, Danbury, Salisbury Republican Meeting
true 2/12/20 Report From Concord
true 2/12/20 Special Permits to Noise Ordinance Should be Banned
true 2/13/20 Andover Real Estate Transactions
true 2/13/20 Indian Museum Makes Top Ten
true 2/13/20 Annual Meeting Scheduled for February 13
true 2/14/20 Lois Magenau Retires From Town Office Position
true 2/14/20 Mystery Books Offered by Libraries
true 2/15/20 Charter Schools are Public Schools
true 2/15/20 Hello to Andover Friends
true 2/15/20 Buttigieg's Military Background is Most Important
true 2/16/20 Food Pantry Returns to Andover
true 2/16/20 Proctor Students Study on European Classroom
true 2/17/20 School Board Provides Helpful Explanation of Budget
true 2/17/20 2020 Town Meeting - Road Agent and Plan
true 2/17/20 Headliners Announced for January Coffeehouse
true 2/18/20 VNA Announces January Health Clinic
true 2/21/20 Winter Restorative Yoga Workshops Offered
true 2/21/20 Registration Open for Girls’ Softball
true 2/21/20 Memorial Kids' Ice Fishing Derby
true 2/21/20 Andover Coffeehouse Presents February Concert
false Mary Jane Whitcomb, January 15, 2020
false Head of School Announces Retirement
false Meeting Minutes, Draft, January 15, 2020
false Andover Conservation Commission Final Minutes, November 6, 2019
false Andover Select Board Approved Minutes, December 2, 2019
false Andover School Board Minutes, December 3, 2019
false News and Upcoming Enrollment
false There’s No Place Like AE/MS
false 8th Grade Takes Action
false World Peace Through Art at AE/MS
false Eagle Eyes Come to AE/MS
false Second Graders Relax on a “Snofa”
false Sixth Graders Read the Incredible Journey
false Middle School Dance Hosted by Eighth Grader
false Robert Alan Elenowitz, January 14, 2020
false Herman William Cohen, January 6, 2020
false E Jane Thompson Currier-December 18, 2019
false Christopher Bray Todd-January 2, 2020
false Carol Lee Andrus-December 28, 2019
false New London Hospital Appoints New CEO
false Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy
false Chapin Senior Center - February Program List
false Andover Library New Acquisitions December 2019
false Acreage Added to Conservation Land in Danbury
false Ronald F Walsh-December 5, 2019
false Palmer "Pinky" Porter-December 28, 2019
false test
false test
false Biomass Issue
false John Wagner Retires From Andover Community Church
false Report from Concord, November 2019
false Have You Forgotten Something?
false Vicki S Workman, December 1, 2019
false FNRT-MC Board  Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2019
false Elbow Pond Road Re-Opens
false Andover Real Estate Transactions October and November
false Andover Conservation Committee Final Minutes, October 8, 2019
false Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, October 8, 2019
false Andover Select Board Approved Minutes, October 21, 2019
false Andover School Board Approved Minutes, October 2, 2019
false Andover Police Department Report for October 2019
false Proctor's Fall Jazz/Rock Performance
false Students Return from Proctor's Ocean Classroom
false Turkey Spotted Out Behind AE/MS!
false AEMS Students Have Literary Scavenger Hunt
false Charlie in Montreal
false What's Happening In Wilmot this December?
false Franklin VNA & Hospice Provides Grief Support Options
false VNA Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter
false December/January Events at Wilmot Library
false Tips to Protect Your Skin This Winter
false COA's Chapin Senior Center January Programs
false Lake Sunapee VNA Hospice Team Holds Dinner
false New London Hospital Appoints New EMS Director
false Chapin Senior Center December Programs
false Pemigewasset Choral Society Upcoming Events
false Jean I. Bezon, November 8, 2019
false Edward C Hall, November 7, 2019
false James Henry Angwin, October 23, 2019
false Franklin VNA & Hospice Honors Veterans
false Luca D'Italia Promoted to Vice President of Independence Financial Advisors
false Franklin Savings Bank Announces Minimum Wage Increases to $15
false Andover Recreation Committee Approved Minutes, November 11, 2019
false A Friday Evening at the Andover Coffeehouse
false Holiday Book Selection for Bachelder Library Book Club
false Enjoy a Holiday Concert at Center for the Arts’ First Friday
false Ledyard National Bank Recognized as Healthy Workplace
false Logging on Tucker Mountain Road
false Report from Concord, October 2019
false Appreciating Andover
false Enforce Immigration Laws

Guidelines for Picking a “Featured Thru” Date

Don’t Feature

In general, these types of articles aren’t worth featuring. But any time you think an exception is justified for a particular article, that’s fine!

  1. Letters, Op-Eds, and Minutes of any kind
  2. Events in the past that didn’t happen in Andover
  3. General news from organizations that aren’t in Andover
  4. Obituaries of people who never lived in Andover (unless the service is in the future and is in an area church)

Inflexible Dates

Articles that are about an event, a deadline, an effective date, etc. that is in the future should always be featured, and picking the Featured Thru (FT) is pretty much inflexible:

  1. If the article is about an event, etc. that takes place in the future, then the FT date should be the date of the event. But if there’s a “sign-up-by” date for the event, then FT should be the sign-up-by date instead of the event date.
  2. If the article is about multiple events in the future, then FT should be the earliest date (or sign-up-by date) of all the events.

Flexible Dates

Everything else that’s not covered above can be featured, but you’ll want to pick each article’s FT based not on anything in the article, but based on the current array of FT dates in this report. (In other words, these featured articles act as “filler” to keep the front page of the website looking fresh.)

The goals in selecting flexible dates are:

  1. To have at least one article assigned to every day over the next couple of weeks so that we know the front page of the website will never be exactly the same two days in a row.
  2. To have no more than about 3 or 4 articles assigned to a given date (if possible), so every featured article gets to appear in the featured section for at least 2 or 3 days.

That said, there are a few things to consider that will help you pick the best date for a given article:

  1. If any days in the next two weeks have no articles featured, then assign this article to the first date that has no articles.
  2. Otherwise, if the article is about an event in the past, assign it to the first available day that doesn’t already have 3 or 4 articles assigned to it.
  3. Otherwise, if it’s early in the content cycle, pick the day that currently has the fewest articles assigned to it.
  4. As it gets later in the content cycle, consider selecting the next day beyond the most distant day that currently has an article assigned to it.

Problem Solving

  1. If you’ve already got 3 or 4 articles featured on a given date, and now you need to add another because its FT is inflexible, then look at the others for that date. If one of them has a flexible FT date, then change it to a different flexible FT date (click the article’s link; change the date; Update; refresh this FT report). If they’re all inflexible dates, then consider moving the least important one a day or two later (or even earlier, if you have to).
  2. If you need to “unfeature” an article, for whatever reason, you can’t just delete its FT date (long story … don’t ask). Instead, change its FT date to 1/1/01, which means its window to be featured has passed (years ago!).