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Round Tuit coupon 130508Like New Hampshire Public Radio or New Hampshire Public Television, The Andover Beacon just puts its “product” out there for free and hopes for the support of the community.

Whether you live year-round in Andover, summer in Andover, or have moved away from Andover, the Beacon is working hard to keep you informed about our wonderful town and would greatly appreciate your financial support.

Aside from the satisfaction of contributing to a better-informed, more vital community, our three different categories of membership enjoy these benefits.

Local Members

People with a year-round Andover mailing address can support the Beacon by becoming members with any donation, large or small.

Currently, the only benefit of membership is that each Andover member is included ina monthly drawing for prizes provided by our advertisers and other local businesses. In the future, we expect to include other benefits of membership.

We don’t count receiving the Beacon as a benefit of membership, since you don’t have to be a member to receive the Beacon. But the satisfaction of knowing that you helped the Beacon be in everyone’s mailbox is definitely a benefit of membership!

Seasonal Members

For people who get their mail part of the year at an Andover mailing address and part of the year elsewhere, we offer a Seasonal membership for a minimum $30 donation. (Foreign addresses cost extra.)

The benefit of a Seasonal membership is that we’ll mail the Beacon to your non-Andover address for whatever months you tell us to. And for those months that you’re at your Andover address, you’ll be included in the monthly drawings.

Out-Of-Town Members

Friends of Andover who must live elsewhere year-round can receive the Beacon year-round with a minimum $30 donation. (Foreign addresses cost extra.)

Honorary Members

We would like to send the Beacon for free to former Andover residents who now live in nursing homes, assisted-living communities, and other group situations. If you know of someone like that who would enjoy the Beacon, please let us know.

Gift Subscriptions

Anyone can pay $30 to have a subscription mailed to any U.S. address. (Foreign addresses cost extra.)

Donation Levels

When you donate to the Beacon, your money works hard to help keep The Andover Beacon going. Here are some examples of exactly how your donation could make a difference:

A donation of … … pays for these vital steps in keeping the Beacon going.
$30 Hosting for two months
$40 Internet access for the Beacon office for one month
$50 Printing and mailing bills to advertisers for one month
$75 Phone and Internet access for the Beacon office for one month
$100 Rent for the Beacon office for half a month
$250 Printing and mailing the Round Tuit reminder postcard each April
$500 Mailing one monthly issue of the Beacon
$1,000 Insurance premiums for the Beacon for one year
$1,500 Printing one monthly issue of the Beacon

No matter what level of donation makes sense for you, every dollar is greatly appreciated! To contribute, please make your check payable to The Andover Beacon and send it to:

The Andover Beacon
PO Box 149
Andover NH 03216

Community Publishing of Andover, Inc., the company that publishes the Beacon, is a New Hampshire charitable non-profit and is registered with the Charitable Trusts Division of the New Hampshire Department of Justice (reg. no. 15613). It has also been granted 501(c)(3) public charity status by the IRS, and therefore voluntary donations to the Beacon are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.