One foundational characteristic of a community is that, when the occasion arises, its members celebrate together, mourn together, remember together. The Beacon is always available to community members for appropriate photos, letters, articles, or reminiscences in celebration of joyous events or in memory of those we’ve lost.

Charitable acts are another avenue of remembrance or celebration that many people find meaningful. The Beacon is a 501(c)(3) public charity that relies to a large degree on the financial support of the small town it serves, so your donation to the Beacon in memory or in celebration helps further our mission of preserving and strengthening Andover’s sense of community.

If you’d like to make a donation to the Beacon in celebration of a joyous life event — a birth, a birthday, a graduation, new job, promotion, engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement — or to honor the memory of a departed friend or loved one, you’ll find details about the different ways you can donate here.

However you choose to donate, please be sure to let us know these extra details so we can handle recognition of your donation properly in the lists we publish quarterly: 

  • What, or whom, is your donation in celebration or in memory of?
  • May we list it as such in the quarterly lists we publish?
  • May we include your name in the list as the donor?
  • Is there someone you’d like us to notify of your donation?

Sharing your joy or loss with Beacon readers — whether in words, pictures, or a donation — is a very meaningful way to help strengthen the bonds that make our town a community. Thank you!