Warner Democratic Chair Offers Praise to Retiring Republican Representative

By David Bates

I’m writing as the Democratic chair of the Town of Warner to thank New Hampshire Representative Natalie Wells for her service in the legislature. In 2016, 2018, and 2020, Natalie ran to represent the five-town floterial district of Danbury, Andover, Salisbury, Webster, and Warner – an exhausting task in itself. After winning in 2016 and […]

Ignoring Past or Current Events Doesn’t Make them Disappear

By Bill Radzelovage

Louise Andrus, in her April column in the Beacon, states that “Parents are against some of the content that may be taught in our public schools,” and goes on to report approvingly of a book being removed from AE/MS.  Her referenced parents must subscribe to the theory that if it’s ignored, it will disappear.  If […]

“Yea” Vote on HB 1477 Belies Stance on “Pro-Limited Government” 

By Marie D. Nardino

In the Opinion entitled “Louise Andrus’ View from Concord, April 2022,” Louise Andrus, House Representative for the current Merrimack District 1, stated: “I am a freedom lovin’ and liberty lovin’ individual.”  She then went on to set forth all the principles for which she stands, including that she is “pro-life” and  “pro-limited government.” I am […]

Effort to Divert Public Education Funds Causes Concern

By Mary Anne Broshek

I am Pro Public Education. Public education is one of the pillars of our democracy. It’s where children get to know others who are not the same as they are and who do not believe in the same things. It’s where they learn that it is okay to have different beliefs and okay to talk […]

Friend Recalls Fond Memories of the Late George Kidder

George Kidder (1927 - 2019); former Andover Postmaster

By Kent Hackmann

Three years after his passing, I have strong, positive memories of George Kidder (1927 – 2019).  Many locals remember him as Postmaster, 1974-86, especially for playing tricks on persons collecting mail from their boxes. That was before my time. I met George a few years ago in the morning Council on Aging walk in the […]

Recent Bills Demonstrate Need for Voters to Pay Attention

By Mary Anne Broshek

There are two bills that were recently voted on in the New Hampshire House of Representatives that demonstrate why voters who care about public education and the growing influence in New Hampshire politics of the Free State Movement need to pay attention . HB 1671: In February, New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut introduced HB […]

Town Meeting, Not SB2, Offers Sense of Community

By William Bardsley

Andover has many gatherings.  We have many organizations with constructive meetings.  We have the Fourth of July, which we share with a couple of thousand visitors.  But only at Town Meeting do we all have the chance to come together as the whole Andover community on its own. There is also, of course, the opportunity […]

Andover Resident Gives Three Cheers for AE/MS, an Excellent School

By Kent Hackmann

How is AE/MS doing?  Objective data says quite well. Niche ranks AE/MS 64th among the state’s 545 elementary/middle schools. The school and the town can proudly point to the ratio of one teacher to every 10 students. The NEA ranks New Hampshire second in the nation in teacher-student ratio and last in funding. The school […]

Reader Reacts to Andrus’ Op Ed on Stance of Masks and Vaccines

By Ron Charles

In the Holidays 2021 issue of The Andover Beacon, State Representative Louise Andrus expressed her opinions about masks being a matter of choice. About vaccines she wrote “it’s sad and disgusting what we are doing to people in that they are losing their jobs,” and ends her article by hoping that 2022 will be a […]

Representative Taken to Task for Spreading Misinformation

By Faith Minton

As a supporter of public education, I read with disappointment New Hampshire District 25 Representative Natalie Wells’ recent letter regarding public education, which in my opinion is dangerous and deliberately inaccurate.  In her letter, Representative Wells makes critical claims about children and education. Given the inaccuracies in her description of public education, I would ask […]