By Definition, the Word Democracy is Not Exclusive to any One Party

By Louise Andrus Candidate for State Representative -- Merrimack 1

In most ads I read in last month’s Beacon placed by the Democrats, they used the word “democracy” frequently.  It felt like they were saying they were the only voters interested in democracy. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines, in one case, that  democracy is: a government by the people especially rule of the majority. The word […]

“The Rest of the Story” Concerning Legislative Impacts

By Mary Anne Broshek

The stated legislative impacts in the October Louise Andrus advertisement do not tell the whole story. I picked four of the items to show the rest of the story. Background: Beginning in 2010, when Republican Bill O’Brian was Speaker of the House, many State obligations, including promised State contributions for teacher/police retirement, water, and waste […]

Stories Often Have a Deeper Truth When Fully Investigated

By Faith Minton

During this important election we are very lucky to have area publications such as The Andover Beacon which serves as a vehicle to inform our communities. I have appreciated the opportunity to share some of my experiences and views with readers, especially now when it is challenging to meet in person with folks. As a […]

Instead of the Usual Report From Concord – Voting Facts

By Ken Wells

As I write this, we are on the brink of what I’m sure will go down as one of the most-talked-about elections of our time. The United States of America, despite its struggles and faults, is arguably the oldest and most successful democracy on the planet today. A crucial feature has been our long tradition […]

Candidate Calls for More Support for Public Schools

By Faith Minton

As a candidate for New Hampshire House District 25, I am aware that some people in our state have been advocating for more resources for school choice. While school choice is an option for New Hampshire families already, I do not support giving public money to private or religious schools. I support our public school […]

Slow Mail, Danbury Broadband, Gossip, and A Conflict of Interest in Andover 

By Louise Andrus

Thank you to everyone in Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury that voted either by absentee ballot or in person in the Primary. For those who wanted to vote by absentee, it is great. As a sign-holder in these three towns, I was thrilled to see the great numbers vote in person. The number of voter totals […]

How Policies are Achieved Makes a Big Difference

By Natalie Wells

To those who came out and supported me at the Primary, thank you. The stark difference between my opponent and myself couldn’t be any clearer. My democratic opponent, Faith Minton, in her last article stated “people are worried that our system of funding public schools is unsustainable because it relies mainly on local property taxes”. […]

Ken D. Wells – Report From Durham (Formerly Concord)

By Ken D. Wells

Democracy, as we understood even from our earliest civics lessons in grade school, is a system of government by the whole population, or a subset of certain eligible members of the state. Typically, democracies function via elected representatives, who enact policy according to the wishes of the majority of its members. It is worth noting, […]

I Will Work With Anyone To Find Solutions to Challenges

By Louise Andrus

First of all I would like to thank all the Andover Beacon staff for all they do in keeping the newspaper on going. I enjoy reading the Beacon from the first page through the last page. In the August Andover Beacon, Janet Moore gave an opinion and indicated that if I was elected as State […]

September Report From Concord

Danbury Wins the broadband battle

By Ken Wells

Politicians often talk about “fighting” for their constituents in Concord. I can assure you, in such “fights” no punches are actually thrown, and Representatives do not grapple their ideological opponents, rolling around on the floor, pulling each others’ hair and neckties. The actual struggles can get plenty heated, but the real challenge is how to […]

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