Successful Use of Beaver Deceivers Attracts Attention; Avoids Floods

Device prevents damage; saves money

By Vicky Mishcon

I have received inquiries about the Beaver Deceiver program here in Andover from some pretty interesting places. People from all over the country find their roads and properties are an ideal beaver habitat and are looking for ways to co-exist. Most recently, I received a call from a limnologist (a scientist who studies the characteristics […]

Cristy Reny-Perkins is the Town’s New Finance Assistant

Press release
Cristy Reny-Perkins is the Town’s New Finance Assistant

A new Finance Assistant, Cristy Reny-Perkins, has been hired to work in the Select Board office alongside Marjorie Roy, Andover’s Town Administrator, and Elita Reed, the Town’s Finance Director. Her duties, in addition to working with financial tasks, include updating the Town’s website and greeting the public during posted hours. According to Cristy, she and […]

Feeding Waterfowl at Area Lakes Creates Multiple Problems

Please do not feed the ducks and geese!

By Marj Roy

Feeding waterfowl can create problems for the birds, their environment, and people. The idea that waterfowl cannot survive without human help is false. Many species of water birds have survived for thousands of years without human help, and they are thriving.  Please enjoy our local waterfowl from a distance and respect their wilderness. By doing […]

Andover’s Lakes Protected by Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act

NHDES Shoreland Permit required for some projects

By Jenny Bodwell

Andover is fortunate to have an abundance of public water resources, including lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams, some of which serve as supplies of public drinking water. Unfortunately, unplanned and uncoordinated development adjacent to these resources can threaten them by increasing unfiltered storm water runoff to them.  Today, stormwater runoff poses the greatest threat to […]

Andover Town Office Closures: May 10, 11, and 12

By Marjorie Roy

Notice to Andover Town Residents The Finance Office and the Town Administrator’s Office will be closed on Tuesday, May 10, Wednesday, May 11, and Thursday, May 12, while we attend annual training.

Town Clerk’s Corner, May 2022

Register dogs by April 30 to avoid late fees

By Lisa Meier

Darlene and I have been able to attend several training classes over the last month and plan on attending more in the coming months. Thank you for your patience while we attend these. Thank you to all residents who have registered / licensed their canine companions to date. Please remember that any dog four months […]

Police Seek Information on Heavy Equipment Vandalism

Many smashed windows and other damage

Press release
Police Seek Information on Heavy Equipment Vandalism

On Wednesday, April 6, the Andover Police Department received a complaint of criminal mischief to construction equipment at a pit located on Bridge Road.  Upon arriving at the pit, officers met with the property owner, who showed them multiple pieces of equipment that had windows smashed out of them by rocks being thrown at them, […]

Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Can Apply for Tax Relief

Must file by June 30 for 2022

By Marj Roy

In 2001, the State of New Hampshire enacted property tax relief for eligible low- to moderate-income claimants who own a homestead in New Hampshire. The definition of a homestead is “the dwelling owned by a claimant which is owned and used as the claimant’s principal place of residence and the claimant’s domicile.” The DP-8 application […]

Swap Day Event Planned for the First Time This Year

Second Saturday of the month, May to October

By Ken Tripp

The first Swap Day of the season will be Saturday, May 14. The event is open 8 AM to noon at the Transfer Station. Events are scheduled for the second Saturday of the month, May through October. Please donate items that you assume someone would desire. Do not use the event as a junk-clearing opportunity. […]

Andover Rec Needs New Soccer and Basketball Directors

Andover Rec Needs New Soccer and Basketball Directors

By Andover Recreation Committee

After a successful winter season of basketball and skiing, Andover’s Recreation Committee is looking to next fall’s soccer season with excitement. Sign-ups for fall soccer will be distributed through the AE/MS parent newsletter and online in June. As always, the Rec Committee will be looking for volunteers to step into coaching roles for all ages. […]