“Around the Town in 80 Years” Fourth of July Theme Evokes Memories

Cost of fireworks has skyrocketed since 1964

Press release

As we thought about the theme for Andover’s 80th Fourth of July celebration, Around The Town In 80 Years, we thought it would be fun to talk with someone who was there in the early years.  So, this month we met at the home of Dennis Fenton to hear memories he has about the celebration […]

Each of Four Offices in Town Building Has Specific Duties

It's a busy place; time management is crucial

By Marjorie Roy

There are only four offices in the Town Building, but an incredible number of responsibilities are conducted there. Of course, we all know that the Town Clerk-Tax Collector and the deputy register cars, handle elections, provide vital records, license dogs, and sell Town stickers, but did you know their office is the depository for all […]

Chimney Fire Danger Increases With March Weather Fluctuations

Spring is good time to check sump pump

By Rene Lefebvre

March is a transition month most years. The very worst winter has to offer often happens in early March with heavy wet snowstorms and, for the most part, the end of March starts to usher in the warmth of spring and mud season.  March also changes the way we operate our heating appliances. Modern oil […]

Planning Board Continues Work on Conservation Subdivision Ordinance

Full wording will be available soon

By Ken Wells

The Andover Planning Board has continued its work on drafting a new Conservation Subdivision ordinance.  A Conservation Subdivision is an alternative form of residential development where, instead of subdividing a parent tract into lots of conventional size (i.e. two acres), a similar number of dwelling units are arranged on lots or homestead sites of reduced […]

Andover Police Department November 2021

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 133 calls for service during November 2021, including: Abandoned Vehicle: 3 Animal Wild: 1 Assist Citizen: 4 Assist Social Service Agencies: 3 Disorderly Conduct: 2 Dog Loose: 2 Domestic Dispute: 1 Driving While Intoxicated: 1 Drunk: 1 Stalking: 1 Suspicious Circumstances: 3 Theft: 1 Traffic Offense, Citation: 3 Traffic Offense, […]

Andover Police Department December 2021

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 185 calls for service during December 2021. 911 Hang Up: 1 Assist Ambulance/Rescue: 4 Assist Citizen: 8 Assist Fire: 5 Assist Motorist: 5 Dog Loose: 3 Road Hazard/Obstruction: 7 Selective Enforcement Request: 1 Sexual Assault: 1 Suspicious Circumstances: 4 Traffic Accident: 4 Traffic Offense, Warning: 18 Traffic Offense, Citation: 1 […]

2021 Property Tax Rate Decreases From 2020 by 2.1%

Calculated based on approved budget

By Marjorie Roy
2021 Property Tax Rate Decreases From 2020 by 2.1%

This article is a basic overview of the Town’s tax rate and is intended to help explain the components of the Town’s tax rate and how it is set each year. At the end we’ll also look at the total tax rate, or how much we pay for every $1,000 of property valuation, that appears […]

Andover Police Department October 2021

By Patricia Moyer

The Andover Police Department handled 166 calls for service during October 2021 including: Assist Citizen: 7 Assault: 2 Dog Loose: 3 Domestic Dispute: 1 Harassment: 1 Juvenile Complaint: 2 Motor Vehicle Unlock: 2 Stalking: 1 Suspicious Circumstances: 5 Theft: 2 Traffic Arrest: 1 Traffic Citation: 6 Traffic Warning: 32 Warrant: 3 ARRESTS: • Jacob Hemeon, […]

Proposed Conservation Subdivision Aims to Lower Tax Rate

Ordinance offers two types of incentives

By Andover Planning Board
Proposed Conservation Subdivision Aims to Lower Tax Rate

The Andover Planning Board’s proposed Conservation Subdivision ordinance, based on the 2011 Master Plan, does not remove existing subdivision rules, but presents a more attractive alternative to Andover’s existing “suburban” development model. Today’s restrictive subdivision rules maximize developers’ earnings if they can subdivide a large, forested plot into uniform two-acre lots, each with at least […]

Warrant Article Proposes Switch to SB2 Voting Format

Choice: Traditional Town Meeting vs SB2

By Select Board

The virtual Town Meeting in March 2021 was an eye-opening experience. Not surprisingly, the reviews of its success or failure were mixed.  Unless directed otherwise by the Governor, our traditional Town Meeting will commence in person on March 8, 2022 at the Andover Elementary/Middle School. During this traditional Town Meeting, a collection of warrant articles […]