Positions for Town Ballot Elections 2020

By Bonnie Wesley, Town Clerk

Town Election Day 2020 •Town Election Day is March 10, 2019, the filing period for Town Offices is Wednesday, January 22, 2020 through Friday, January 31, 2019. •If you are interested in running for office, come on into the town clerk’s office during our regular hours of M, W, Th. 9 – 2, Sat. 1/25 […]

Anyone Can Write a Warrant Article for Town Meeting or School District Meeting

Requires signatures of 25 Andover voters

By Charlie Darling, Beacon Volunteer

Traditionally, the Select Board writes the warrant articles for Town Meeting and we, the voters of Andover, flock to Town Meeting to discuss and ultimately vote on each article. The articles that we accept, including the total budget figure, pretty much control how the town is run for the coming year. But it’s not just […]

Andover Town Meeting 2019 – Reflections

Marjorie Roy, Andover Town Administrator

By Shelley Geoghegan, Publisher/Editor
Andover Town Meeting 2019 – Reflections

“Overall, everyone was there to do their job as residents and taxpayers.” These are the words spoken by Andover Town Administrator Marjorie Roy, in recapping this year’s Town Meeting, held on March 12. She said that, as Andover residents, we are all very passionate about our community, and that while that passion plays out in […]

Reflections on Ten Years on the Andover Select Board

By Victoria Mishcon
Reflections on Ten Years on  the Andover Select Board

The Beacon has asked me to offer some reflections on my ten years as a selectwoman, and I think it’s a valuable exercise, because going cold turkey off the Board is a bit jarring, it turns out. The Select Board’s office is administered by, you guessed it, the Town Administrator. Marj Roy keeps a positive […]

 A Perspective on Town Meeting 2019 from a Select Board Member

By Dave Blinn, Andover Select Board

Good Day Andover, I was asked to make comment pertaining to our March 12, 2019 Town Meeting. Personally, I was disappointed with the meeting, but not necessarily for the reasons many folks have mentioned to me.  My disappointment stems from not being able to cover each budget category, so we could point out the real […]

Town Clerk’s Office – A Thank You and General Information

By Bonnie Wesley

I want to start by thanking everyone for your support by electing me as your town clerk.  It really means a lot to me. Also, a special thanks to all of you who stepped up and helped with the elections as ballot clerks, ballot counters, polling place set-up and take down and to those who […]

The Rest of the Town Report

Reports from local committees and non-profits

By Compiled by Charlie Darling

To save time and money by reducing the size of the Town’s annual Andover Town Report, the Beacon has agreed to publish 2018 reports submitted by organizations that serve Andover. Long reports have been edited to about 250 words. The Andover Beacon In many ways, 2018 was another successful year for The Andover Beacon — […]

At the Polls on March 12 – Meet the Candidates

By Edited by Mary Anne Broshek

Select Board 3 Year Term – Vote for 1 James Delaney, Sr. I am running for re-election as your Selectman. A little history for those of you who don’t know me: In the 1980′s, I served one term on the school board and I was also the Recreation Director; I spent two terms on the […]

Andover Budget Committee Recommends 2.5% Increase

By Ed Hiller for the Andover Budget Committee

The Andover Budget Committee recommends budgets for 2019 (net of expenses that are funded by non-tax sources) are as follows:       The total of the net budgets recommended for 2019 is $7,931,984.  This is an increase in budgetary spending to be funded by taxes over the previous year of $196,673 (up 2.5%), What […]

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