Resident Questions Stated Facts About Solar Array Purchase

Concerned about lack of feasibility study

By Jeffery Dickinson

During the informational presentation on Article 6 at the Town Meeting on March 9, it was stated that the Town of Andover must buy the solar photovoltaic (PV) system from ReVision Energy, the private firm currently leasing roof space and selling electricity to the Town from the solar PV array mounted on the Town Hall.  […]

Andover’s First-Ever Virtual Town Meeting Met with Mixed Reactions

Concerns about protocol and access

By Shelley Geoghegan

On March 9, Andover held the first session of its first-ever virtual Town Meeting. The second virtual session was held on March 16, with the voting session scheduled to be held on Tuesday, April 13. The State of New Hampshire passed a bill allowing the change from the standard format of Town Meetings due to […]

Virtual Town Meetings Offer Equal Access to All Citizens

There are some drawbacks

By Ken Wells

This year due to COVID-19, the state issued procedures for conducting all sorts of remote meetings, from Senate and House committees’ public hearings, to new guidelines for Town Meetings. Towns were presented with carefully prescribed procedures for conducting public town meetings remotely. The top priority was to ensure that the public could participate in the […]

Special Warrant Determines Validity of Votes on Articles

Alternative ballot lists all articles

By Michelle Dudek

With the COVID-19 era 2021 Town Meeting behind us, the Andover Select Board would like to thank everyone who joined the sessions live, watched the recordings, and/or provided feedback and questions for the second meeting.   Voting day is Tuesday, April 13, from 11 AM to 7 PM at Andover Elementary/Middle School. In addition to electing […]

Aimee Menard is a Competent and Effective Leader

By Dean Barker

In the previous issue of the Beacon, I was delighted to read about the three excellent candidates running for Andover School Board. Thank you all for choosing to serve the school community! Any of these candidates would be a welcome addition to the board, but I already know that one of my two votes will […]

Voting on Warrant Articles Only Allowed on April 13

Absentee voters will only receive ballots for candidates

By Lee Wells

The only opportunity voters will have to vote on the Warrant Articles is on April 13. The polls at AE/MS will be open from 11 AM to 7 PM. Just as COVID upended the Primary and the General Election in 2020, it is also changing how we will do our town elections this year. As […]

Library Trustee Write-In Candidate Tina Nussbaum Wagler

By Tina Nussbaum Wagler
Library Trustee Write-In Candidate Tina Nussbaum Wagler

My name is Tina Nussbaum Wagler, and I’m asking voters to add me as a write-in candidate for Library Trustee for the Andover Libraries. Libraries are an essential part of our communities which provide many valuable resources to all ages. Libraries are also places for people in a community to connect with one another. When […]

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