Ken D. Wells – Report From Durham (Formerly Concord)

By Ken D. Wells

Democracy, as we understood even from our earliest civics lessons in grade school, is a system of government by the whole population, or a subset of certain eligible members of the state. Typically, democracies function via elected representatives, who enact policy according to the wishes of the majority of its members. It is worth noting, […]

I Will Work With Anyone To Find Solutions to Challenges

By Louise Andrus

First of all I would like to thank all the Andover Beacon staff for all they do in keeping the newspaper on going. I enjoy reading the Beacon from the first page through the last page. In the August Andover Beacon, Janet Moore gave an opinion and indicated that if I was elected as State […]

September Report From Concord

Danbury Wins the broadband battle

By Ken Wells

Politicians often talk about “fighting” for their constituents in Concord. I can assure you, in such “fights” no punches are actually thrown, and Representatives do not grapple their ideological opponents, rolling around on the floor, pulling each others’ hair and neckties. The actual struggles can get plenty heated, but the real challenge is how to […]

New Hampshire’s Small Businesses Can’t Afford Tax Increases of Any Kind

By Natalie Wells

At the last House legislation session, the Republicans rejected a proposal to prevent significant business tax increases that are likely to hit businesses by January 1, 2021.  Last year, the Democrat’s budget contained “triggers” that would increase the Business Profit Tax by 2.6% and the Business Enterprise Tax by 12.5%  if the state revenues fell […]

Survival Has Been the Main Focus For Last Few Months

By Ken Wells

There is actually little to report from the State House, because it has remained closed to legislators since March. Members of the House nevertheless resumed their legislative roles at the University of New Hampshire Whittemore hockey arena on two dates in June. The House is now in recess until “Veto Override Day” in September, after […]

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteers Needed

By Sooze Hodgson

In these uncertain times due to COVID-19, with the closure of schools and businesses, the loss of jobs, and social isolation, families everywhere are struggling. Add to this the opioid crisis and drug addiction problems in New Hampshire, and we see children and families in more stressful situations than ever before. The risk of child […]

A Rebuttal About Socialism and Its Many Forms

By Louise Andrus Candidate for New Hampshire House Merrimack District 1

Pecco Beaufays gave his opinion in the July Andover Beacon regarding my statement, “I believe the election in the Fall will decide New Hampshire’s future, either Freedom or Socialism.” But Pecco had no idea what I meant by the statement that I had made. Freedom is a powerful word.  It can mean a lot of […]

Natalie Wells Is Running For New Hampshire House of Representatives

By Natalie J. Wells
Natalie Wells Is Running For New Hampshire House of Representatives

Natalie Wells has filed to represent Merrimack 25 in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Natalie released the following statement: “I am proud to announce that I am running to once again represent Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, and Webster in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives.” When Natalie previously served in the legislature, she fought to […]

Report From Concord

By Ken Wells

In 2020 we have come to know a level of disquiet and disruption to which few of us can find comparisons in our lifetime. In my own life, having ridden through personal rough spots and through rough spots in the life of my community from time to time, I can suggest what we need in […]

Joseph Kenney Runs On Restoring Civility And Responsibility

Press release

It’s official. Former Republican Executive Councilor Joseph D. Kenney has signed up to run for his fourth term representing District 1, which includes 108 towns, 4 cities and several unincorporated areas in northern New Hampshire. Kenney made an official announcement Tuesday afternoon while he filed for the seat at the New Hampshire State House in […]

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