Skilled AE/MS Plant Manager Saves Taxpayers Money

Custodial team focuses on thorough cleaning

By Dennis Dobe
Skilled AE/MS Plant Manager Saves Taxpayers Money

Since joining the AE/MS staff as our school’s first Plant Manager, Dennis Audet has given our school community energy, experience, and commitment.  Dennis never resists diving into jobs and projects to help make our school safer, our spaces more conducive to learning, and our building more efficient and cost-effective.   Thankfully, there are few facility tasks […]

AE/MS Principal Encourages Patience; Sees Light at End of Tunnel

Response to adversity shows community strength

By Dennis Dobe

Though we have been practicing COVID-19 safety protocols and fostering the development of healthy and safe habits for our students and staff since before the start of this school year, there is now a mask mandate in the State of New Hampshire in response to an exponential increase in the number of coronavirus cases in […]

Scholastic Awards a James Patterson Book Grant to Middle School

Kasey Schoch Received $500 to update class library

By Shelley Geoghegan
Scholastic Awards a James Patterson Book Grant to Middle School

Kasey Schoch, the AE/MS Reading Explorations teacher, was successful in obtaining a $500 grant from Scholastic Books. She applied for a James Patterson grant hoping to replace old copies of classroom novel sets, and to update the classroom library that is used by students for independent reading. Students and teacher alike were thrilled when the […]

AE/MS Will Continue to Use Hybrid Schooling Model

School Board deliberated for three hours over decision

By Dennis Dobe, Principal

Here is a not-so-brief article to bring you up too speed regarding our school’s reopening plan.  Truth be told: we’ve been very much open since our official first day of school this year, which occurred on September 9. However, we are still not having our students visiting us in-person every school day at AE/MS.  We […]

Students at AE/MS Have Shown Adaptability During First Month of Classes

Eagle Eyes on The Andover Beacon starting up

By Kasey Schoch

It is really hard to sum up the first month of school at AE/MS.  It has been one of those moments where we were surprised and not surprised that students were able to come back to school and easily follow the new routines put into place.   In the beginning, the idea that students would be […]

AE/MS Welcomes Back Students and Staff for a New School Year

Safety protocols have resulted in a successful start

By Dennis Dobe

After a most unusual and disrupted Spring 2020, the students and staff of AE/MS returned to our school building to resume in-person studies on Tuesday, September 9. Over the first two weeks of our school’s reopening, we are pleased to report that all is smooth, focused, and safe at AE/MS. Over the weeks of late […]

Fall Activities Include Preparing for a Halloween Parade

Also accepting applications for multiple positions

By Kimberly Faust
Fall Activities Include Preparing for a Halloween Parade

Fall is quickly approaching, and we are so grateful to be back at our small school. We have been enjoying picking our apples and peaches and harvesting our carrots. At our school we had a Monarch caterpillar and it was magical to have watched it go into his chrysalis and then emerge as a butterfly. […]

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