30th SHARE Day – Volunteers & Workers Needed

Press release

SHARE Day will be happening at the Andover Elementary/Middle School on Friday, May 10. We are looking for workshop leaders and volunteers to help continue this wonderful tradition. Please contact: Gisela Darling at 735-5681 or the school at 735-5494 by April 5th concerning additional information about how you could participate on this the special day. […]

Invention Convention: Andover’s Third-Grade Students Learn that They Can Change the World

By Haley Peters

Invention Convention is an empowering opportunity for young students across the United States, as this educational program challenges students to find a problem in the world around them… and then, find a way to solve the problem. Students develop an invention by following a step-by-step process. The invention process involves research, writing, planning, and reflecting […]

AE/MS Second Graders Learn About ‘Earth Changes’

By Gretchen Hildebrand, AE/MS Second Grade
AE/MS Second Graders Learn About ‘Earth Changes’

Second graders spent 5 weeks studying about Earth Changes and the causes, effects and impacts those changes have on our planet and our lives.  They worked in partnerships (which is a very challenging thing to do for 5 weeks) and produced wonderful posters to share their information with the first, third and eight graders.  I […]

AE/MS Second Grade Annual Heart Healthy Valentine Restaurant Held

AE/MS Second Grade Annual Heart Healthy Valentine Restaurant Held

Second graders held their annual (over 12 years now) Heart Healthy Valentine Restaurant at AE/MS.  They enthusiastically served the third graders to reward them for performing the duty the year before, and invited the staff of the school to eat at the restaurant or ‘do take-out’.  The record breaking $347.00 that was raised will be […]

SHARE Day – 30 Years!

Friday, May 10th

By Margo Coolidge

Wow!  Have 30 years gone by fast!  It seems like yesterday when a small group of Andover PTO mothers brainstormed S.H.A.R.E  Day (See How the Arts Reaches Everyone) into existence. They wanted to find a way to bring the children together with the wonderful artists and craftspeople of all kinds living in Andover and nearby. […]

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