The Andover Poor Farm

The Andover Poor Farm

In earlier times, towns such as Andover had the moral and legal obligation to assist those townspeople in…

Proctor Welcomes 107 New Students

Proctor Academy remains a school in high demand within the boarding school market  school year as its Admissions Team enrolled 107 new students. Proctor’s educational model focused on…

Andover Organizations

Plans for July 4, 2019 Underway

We can still hear the fireworks echoing around Andover as we’re working to close our books for the last event and…

Andover Congregational Church Changes Its Name

Andover's original “Congregational, parish church” is becoming a congregation in the Anglican Diocese of New England. Andover's historic, protestant Christian congregation…



Sign Up Now for Snowmobile Safety Classes

CONCORD, NH — Winter is almost here, and snowmobile education classes are underway across the state. To operate a snowmobile or Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle…



Bachelder Library Seeking New Librarian

Bachelder Library New Books for October 2018

Other Organizations

Annual Harvest Moon NatureFest Family Day at Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

Farm Days Held at Musterfield Farm in Sutton


Long-time Manager Takes Ownership of Jake’s Market

NHEC Union Employees Announce Strike, Company Responds

Just For Fun

Sight on Northern Rail Trail in East Andover

Heidi Murphy on “North Woods Law”